I have got a Receiver:
STARSAT-DR7700 BS/STARTV Receiver,almost for a few dollars at a Sunday Flea Market.
Can someone please help/guide me where can I get a
remote control unit n
a manual(in English) so that
I can under how to operate the above receiver.
Some say it is a Satellite Receiver for STARTV.
Most of the symbols are in some asain language, but
the name of the Receicer,model no. and the front panel is in english.
I need your help,please.
a retired/ Satellite hobbist.

Have you already checked out ?

Well JPS you won’t be able to use it for Asiasat3 StarTV as that is provided only to commercial cable TV operators in Asia. As you’re in Australia you can’t get a subscription for that.

None of the starsat recievers have PowerVu which is the encryption for Star TV…