Start a small school or used items or hair saloon

Hello everyone I need ideas ,advice on what to start up…I was deliberating recently about starting a small English classes in a rented shop for me to focus on adults English classes and kids…starting small in none busy area in Taichung…Though have a lot of buildings around with lots of kids and adults including kid castle about 200 Meters away.
Though not worried about them…Do you guys think this is possible .
Also was considering Hair salon or buying and selling used items like bags shoes watches sofas etc…anything sellable
I need ideas considering the situation about teaching…My wife is a Taiwanese…I need help plz…

Where in Taiwan are you…? City, area, etc…

I guess having read the OPs post that would be Taichung

Well, given the location, a stationery store would be the best. Cute stuff or materials that kids need for homework -maps, dioramas, etc. You can get the stuff on crediyt, won’t need that fast rotation, you can specialize acording to the needs of the market.

Hair salon is popular but hard business and you need a license. As a foreign spouse, though, you are entitled to special training courses by the Governemnt to make your own business, did you know that? So they can train you and help you take the tests to get the licesnse to set up shop, but that takes a while. You could offer a niche market thing, maybe something popular in your own country. I for once would love to have a nail salon. Or a hair salon specialized in bleaching for guys-very popular now due to Korean boy bands influence.

As you said, English school market is not that good. I would do ESL classes targeting adults at their workplaces. I had a lucrative business like that in the ol country. Your expenses would be minimum -transportation costs are a lot less than renting a place. Most offices have their own meeting rooms, where you can teach. Plus you can charge more as you go to them instead of them coming to you.

Best of luck.

Sorry, I guess I didn’t make myself clear.

Taichung is now a very big place since it was merged with Taichung county.

Is he actually in Taichung city or what used to be Taichung county…?

You guys sound old. Are you all pass 40? I mean those fighting over grammar this and grammar that.

Hair care is over crowded in Taizhong city, at least in the S. district. You have to a mean person to run a successful salon, like paying low wages, charging nt10 for hair conditioner. A second hand shop may work better. There is one by my building that was doing so well they moved to a bigger place. It was the only business, other than Family mart, did well in my neighborhood. You need to have a big store though, so you can put the stuff up for customers to browse. Therefore, rent maybe expensive.


Thank you Icon for the tip, since I will one day become a foreign spouse. I will look into that even tho it seems to take sometime, I can do my craft in the mean time, my apologies grammar police, I’m not English native lol.

Thanks everyone for your concern…I live in the west behind railway station…Someone suggested that I can go for second hand items or start a small stationery business and focus more on accessories rather than all out book shop…
Plz is stationery worth having in a little busy road but with kids and teens living around?

Icon thks for ur suggestions it was pretty close to someone else’s to go got stationery.