Starting a Business with an APRC

Dear all,

I would like to start a Business Consulting Company next year in Taiwan with a friend that is also foreigner. Now our situation is different, but information seem limited regarding the business rules for APRC holders in Taiwan. We both have APRC’s, been here more than 7 years and have open working permits. Therefore we just want to make sure if we still need a local partner or whether we can register the company in our names or one of our names.

I would appreciate any information in this regard. I assume we should start by seeing a CPA and therefore any recommendation in either Kaohsiung City or Taipei City will be appreciated. Any information of anyone that has been in a similar situation before would be appreciated.

Thank you.

You don’t need a local partner at all, it doesn’t matter whether you have an APRC or not. I’ve never been quite sure where this myth has sprung from.

Your situation is extremely easy because all you have to worry about is forming the company. The process is almost exactly the same as if you were Taiwanese.