Starting a cafe/bar/restaurant

hi, i’m looking at starting a cafe up. the main problem is the legal side. i’m looking at the options leagal and illegal. if anyone can pass on any information they know about the options available that’d be much appreciated.


All I know is be prepared to pay protection fees to gansters if your business makes money.

And make sure you give the police and firemen lots of free meals and booze, so you can pass your safety and licensing inspections.

Any of the last two posters ever opened a cafe or bar here?

How about “Cainman”?

That person posts here about Citizen Cain.

I’ve not opened one personally, but I know a friend who has a cafe. If it’s a small cafe that caters mostly to a regular clientele base, and remains relatively low key, then you should have no problems with gangsters unless it looks like you are doing really well. Don’t know about the police and fireman thing, but as far as I know, that’s not much of a problem either. My friend’s place is pretty low key, they do average level of business (enough to break even and pay themselves) and most of the clientele are regulars, so no hassles so far.

As for bar, that’s a whole different story. Bars/Nightspots, you definitely have to have connections with the gangster organizations that lay claim to whatever part of town your bar is in, and you’ll need certain connections to the appropriate police, if you don’t want to have “Ling2 Jien3” on a regular basis. These are basically police raid/ID checks of all the clientele, and you cannot do any business during the time they are there, and no one is allowed in or out. If these Ling2 Jien3 become too regular, you’ll see your clientele going elsewhere.

haha Chu, you are talking about yourself, right??!!

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