Starting a Company

does anyone have any information or links for foreigners starting and registering a small busniess in Taiwan.

You could read through this older thread, it’s got some info on the topic. I’d suggest sending a PM to the original poster for more info as he/she has been through the process already … :

Good luck! Xpet.

Thanks Xpet, I couldn’t find that thread anywhere when I looked.
Great info

It has been suggested repeatedly that there needs to be a forum, or section in the legals maybe, for this topic and others related. I remember one of the mods saying he would do something about it too.

I would second stragbasher’s suggestion! Even though I don’t have any immediate plans right now I find this topic very interesting and am always thinking about new possibilities … and it seems many others are too!

This would be a fantastic idea as their seem to be alot of informative people on this important subject.

hsinchucity, are you ready & willing to share your plans with the interested forumosans? What is it you’ll be doing in - let me guess - Hsinchu City? :wink:

… not that I’m trying to steal your business idea … :smiley:

There’s not to much to steal :wink: ,
I’m wanting to, in the long term, start a music school(not in Taiwan), i’ve taught music in University and schools before and am toying with the idea of setting up an English based guitar school in Taiwan.
It’s started with the amount of expats I’ve met here that want to learn guitar,(for some reason all English teachers want to be rock stars), but now I’ve found alot of interest with locals.
I would really like to have somthing that could offer all students to get together and jam once a week, to mix things up a bit, but it seems the business side will rest heavily on Taiwanesse student, or their parents, who want yet another way to force theirs kids the English language.
Still a very young idea, but heres a link to check out.

the websites not live yet and I havn’t figured out prices yet, but I would be greatfull for any ideas, suggestions you may have at all.

Hi hsinchucity. I was particularly curious because I’m also based in Hsinchu, and now I’m doubly curious because I’m also a guitarist! If it weren’t for the fact that we are getting ready to leave this beautiful spot I might just have become your first student … :slight_smile:

I think you might have a good idea there, particularly because you’re in Hsinchu and not in Taipei, where there might be quite a few music/guitar schools already. From what I can tell there is a shortage of practice/rehearsal studios here, you know, the ones that you can rent by the hour, so if you can make them a little more spacious than the ones I’ve been in in Taiwan and maybe a little less expensive, I imagine this might draw people as well.

As for teaching an instrument in a foreign language, i.e. guitar in English, I think it’s great, particularly because this will bring your kids a very different set of vocabulary they most probably won’t get in a buxiban or “normal” English school. This will probably draw some sneering comments from English teachers who seem to be a little testy these days (and who can blame them with the changing rules and all), so I better confess that I have no idea about teaching, other than my own experiences as a student and my kids’ being in kg right now …

I shall scooter over to Zhongshan & Xida to look for your school soon!

All the best, Xpet.

Unbeliveable, I’ve just checked out some of your last post, and it sounds like were right on the same page (By the way, I love anything made by Line 6).

If your up around Jong Shang road, let me know, and we’ll catch up for a jam if your keen, and maby you can also teach me how all the Xinzhu place name should be spelt.

As for practice/rehearsal studios, thats the sort of thing I’ll be hiring for the first lessons untill I can find a decent place.
It’s not the best, but they’ve got all the basic amps, kit and a 12 track mixer. I live right near that, just accross the road from the main Temple.

Let me know and I’ll flick you my number.

Hi hsinchu city … sorry for not replying or indeed coming over to look for you, but I’m in Europe at the moment, I’ll look you up when I’m back, maybe we can jam a little … !?

Ahhh, Europe, you lucky lucky b***** :slight_smile:
Let me know when your back, I’ll be well keen to catch up for a jam.
I don’t check these forums all the time so send me an email through my website and I’ll send you back all my personal number and stuff so we can sort out a day, time, etc.
It’ll be good to jam out for a bit.
enjoy the snow