Starting a new school

I’m looking at starting my own school that focuses on young learners. I think that starting a preschool or kindergarten is impossible due to building regulations. I went to the NTC MOE and they suggested that I start a buxiban. There are problems with this, though. First, the kids can’t nap. Second, I can’t feed them. This basically precludes me from offering any full day classes.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about other options I haven’t considered? Has anyone tried to start a new school for younger kids?

Thanks :blush:

How did it go with your pursuit of opening a school?

It’s been really interesting. Technically I tutor small groups of kids at my house. The regulations for the different types of schools make it basically impossible to open an English speaking preschool. Still, I’m my own boss and can teach the best way I know how.