Starting a trading company - legal questions

Hi there.

I am thinking about starting a trading company. I have roughly figured out what customers I want to approach and already have a few lined up, and I also know a bit about what I want to sell. I prefer not to reveal too much about exactly how that part

Moreover, I have an open work permit, so I don’t need to worry about this as well.

However, in order to get rolling I will need to establish a company which is able to invoice overseas customers and ship goods abroad. My Taiwanese partner is quite reliable and will be registered as the only owner.

What do I need to get the company registered and what will it cost? As I am not rich, I prefer to look for the cheapest possibility around.

I have checked the old threads about this, but according to local hearsay, the regulations are a bit different when the company is to trade abroad.

I usually post under another alias, but I prefer to use this for my commercial forays. :wink:

If your company will be importing and or exporting, you will need an import/export license. Also, your company will need to have and register an English language name.

I would check with a local accounting firm or sole practitioner for the nuts and bolts of doing this. They/he/she should be less expensive than an attorney… I think.

Do u have an English speaking lawyer i could also contact re a Snafu with my investment applicaion??