Startup Taiwan [book]

Just picked up this fresh-off-the-press book from the author yesterday - I’m not affiliated with it in any way and haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but it seems very well put together and may be of interest to some people here.

It’s also a bargain at 595 TWD (515 TWD pre-order - not sure if that’s still valid, but I think he would be justified charging quite a bit more given the prices of books in Taiwan).

The website is here, and the author Paolo seems pretty nice and responsive to emails. I pre-ordered the book a couple of months back when I learned about it on Facebook, as it seemed like something worth supporting given that the previous book in English on this topic is already several years old (and more than double the price).


Very cute cover. Not very professional looking, but I love the choice of the 2 foreground objects

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I wished the book tells you how to get customers. It is probably only of use for foreigners who needs visas or something to start a business. Probably covers legal stuff like LLC and stuff.


Taipei library should have a few books on that topic.


Someone should come up with an idiom about that haha. I don’t mind the cover, personally - I think I read somewhere that it was designed by some pixel artist and that the cat is supposed to be Tsai Ing-wen’s cat.

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The joy of expressing negativity aside, I’d probably hold off on the literary criticism until you’ve read the book and have an informed opinion. :wink:

I haven’t read it yet either, as I said, but I believe that a sizable chunk of it is composed of case studies/interviews, so I suspect that some of the stuff you’re referring to may be covered. Will let you know when I’ve read it. :slight_smile:


Looks like it’s that cat indeed. Same weird collar. Sorry for off-topic

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Thanks. Will read and report back.


Really enjoyed reading this book - couldn’t put it down and read cover to cover in 2 days. There’s lots of good information even after I spent the past 3 months crawling the web, social media and forumosa forums. The cost of the book is a fraction of what it would have cost to hear from a consultant. Paulo Lising clearly spent a considerable time compiling resources and writing this book. The interviews and criticisms of the current startup processes are spot on. Highly recommend to anyone interested in starting a company (not necessarily tech) here in Taiwan.


Wonder if this book is available in regular bookstores. Guess I’ll go have a look-see.

You could just contact the author/seller via the website I gave above - probably easier for you (timewise) and better for him as well (profit margin wise).

Do you know any Chinese books or websites with information about that? It really all comes down to marketing. I can do online marketing anywhere, but there’s some trend and copywriting data I’d like to see. And I don’t know much about Line marketing.

If I had this info I wouldn’t be struggling financially.


Have you read “How to start a business in Taiwan”?

If you have, are they similar?

Have not. Choose the Startup Taiwan book since it was just written and thought it would be more up to date.


I want the ebook. I submitted the form on the guys website to “preorder”, but no reply after a day. Bit of an amature operation, hope he’s a better writer than distributer. I could get the book from Eslite, but I wouldn’t know what to do with an actual book on paper that you hold in your hands. The whole concept has lost all meaning to me.

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Me 2.

I believe his eBook is more up to date. The author was on a podcast called Eddy Live

Here is part 1:

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He’s the author of How to Start a Business in Taiwan, which has been around for years.
The book we’re discussing the more recent Startup Taiwan.

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Anyone got their book yet? I’m still waiting.