Recently my cable company cut off the channel Star World from my service. I was wondering if that has happened to anyone else? My cable company is called Da-An Wen Shan…I live on the east side of the city near ZhongXiao East Rd. I’m not sure if I can switch cable companies cuz they supply cable service for the whole building. If anyone knows how I can get back StarWorld please post. thanks.

Also how can I get CNBC?

So far no, I still have it but I don’t live in your area, call your cable company and find out why. Also if you want CNBC call your cable company, they may be able to help you.

I visited my local cable company and they told me that CNBC and Star World are in English and they didn’t want to carry it because there wasn’t enough interest. They didn’t want it clogging up their bandwidth or something. He told me they already have too many channels and have to cut back. This was a year ago in ShiJr. Since then, I got my own satellite system which includes a lot of other channels as well.

See the following thread.

How damn stupid. Free English lessons, as there are no subtitles. No instead, cable companies carry two channels of Japanese women’s wrestling.

Starworld isn’t great, but I do catch Frasier most nights at 11.

Call me a geek but I also like Star Trek: Next Generation on Sunday nights, as well as the X-Files. Boston Public on Monday nights is pretty good too.