Status of the economy

A few months ago, all the newspapers in Canada and many other countries were trying to say that the recession is over.

Now the central bank in Canada just today stated that the growth will slow down again, but the next line from them is that a second recession is unlikely.

My prediction is that since the global economy is so intertwined and the US in the state that it’s in now, we are in for another drop far worse than the original. ( I really hope that I’m wrong) Manufacturing is all in India and China now, so it is mostly a service based industry in the west.

I have a vested interest in what’s going on because my plan was to start a business in Taiwan, but i’m still second guessing it because once i quit here, if a second recession eventually comes along and the business flops… you get the picture.
But I guess overall, if that happens, my job will probably go as well even if i’m still in it.

Im also watching it in relation to affordable pricing for homes.

So what say you? Something worse will happen, or am I just freaked out for nothing? :smiley:

Wait and see. I know the job market is still in a slump but cautiously optimistic. There are hints from some circles that we’re heading to a double dip recession. In my country despite the positive economic growth in Q1, unemployment shot up significantly while countries like Singapore experienced record growth and importing foreign workforce to keep up. I find myself increasingly looking eastwards for opportunities.

I have a good job now in CA, but having international experience is always a plus, so I am also looking eastwords.

So you dont think the double dip would affect Asia too?