Staying awake

Coffee only really works well to keep you awake when it’s the first cup of the day. Drinking coffee all day will not help you maintain a state of awarness…just makes you pee a lot.

Try apples. An apple will wake you up faster and better than coffee in the A.M. and have your coffee in the afternoon right before class


better living through chemistry :slight_smile:

oh yes, and to keep me from being floundered…

red bull sucks. they used to give it away at gas stations. blech…

Apples also have a very benficial form of fiber. Helps things make the move thru the belly and out the bottom end.
These so-called ‘energy drinks’ are not very healthy. Most are various forms of massive amounts of caffeine - in various forms, i.e. cola nut ,etc. , sugar - in various forms or mahuang(ephedra) along with some synergistic nutrients added to move these things into your system. Good for a rush but with the usual crash and burn later.

Melons are good for energy, but should be eaten alone. A cup of coffee can be good. Moderation is the key.

Deep breathing - in Taiwan! gag…cough…choke - can also wake things up and put some pep in your step. Breathe to the belly and smile!

I just drink Red(Black)tea or Pepsi to wake me up.

I find that when I’m tired it’s usually because I’m dehydrated. A pint of water really helps me get going after my afternoon nap before my class. An afternoon nap is also really great, if you can spare 20 minutes.


A little exercise can also help. I try to do a short 5 minute run up the stairs to my apt or sometimes I just jump. Even lite streching exercises have done a lot of good for me.

I know this is a bit revolutionary, but has anyone tried getting a decent night’s sleep instead of pumping themselves full of caffeine?

A 30 minute nap in the afternoon will always do you a power of good too, as was mentioned, and so will a bit of light exercise. Yeah, and water. I don’t really have any fat reserves so when I get hungry I have nothing to fall back on so I suddenly go all tired. Healthy eating does the trick nicely though.

I seem to recall reading some scientific explanation for the mid-afternoon energy gap, and rolling with it seems better than taking drugs that screw your body up even more.

Does coffee help me to wake up in the morning?? I don’t know anymore. :unamused: I do crave for coffee in the morning but I think its more of a habit than anything now. I think when you have too much of something, you are more than likely immune to it, like me.

Does red bull help me in the afternoon?? It makes me crazy and hyper, but I guess that’s def. helping me to stay awake. I drank black tea as well but it doesn’t work either… :blush:

I think my last solution should be…


I can’t remember the last time I thought “wow I just woke up totally refreshed and had enough sleep”
It just doesn’t happen. I’m one of those people that has to force myself to go to bed - there’s just too much going on in this world to waste time sleeping.

I get up at 6am for work everyday, but that still doesn’t mean I miss out on late night activities the night before.