STD, HIV Clinics - Anonymous


Mine was for a teaching job.
My boss took care of it for me.
The first guy on the phone told him I needed.
Another guy the next day said I didn’t.
I guess it depends who you get.


Yeah it’s true. I don’t need one for my non-teaching job. But the company give me one as a perk


well from what I was able to gather you can only get tested at a hospital…I was surprised to find it’s not covered by insurance! Government wants the people to be encouraged to have clean teeth but not to know their HIV status…?


Locals don’t get HIV, just dirty foreigners.


I really need this information … please for anyone who ever went there


[quote=“BlackAdder”]I got the following information for someone in need of an anonymous HIV test, and thought it might be of help for others. The following information comes from the clinic……

(Near Guting MRT)


T: 02-2321-0139

Opening times?

M-F 8am – 8pm. Sat 8am – 10am

Does anyone at the clinic speak English?
Yes, basic English

Test cost

How long for the test results?
Test morning = result afternoon. Test afternoon = result following morning.

Are the results also in English?

Is the test anonymous?
Yes. ID not required. You need to write a name at registration, but the clinic said they wouldn’t know if someone gave a false name/details. In fact, the clinic volunteered this idea/suggestion without being asked.

If test is positive, does the clinic report result/individual to the government?
No. The clinic does not report anything to the government. But they do advise the individual go to a specialist HIV hospital for further tests. The clinic can’t and won’t make you go to the hospital (I double checked this). The specialist hospital then does further tests. This hospital DOES require your true name and ID. If you test positive for HIV they have to inform the government*

*I believe this could lead to serious complications with your visa status here in Taiwan. Not that this will be the main thing on your mind or should delay you from getting further advice and support.

Does the clinic do other types of tests (STD, etc)?
Yes, but I didn’t ask which ones.[/quote]
This place no longer does HIV tests. The info is very much outdated, as the woman there said they had not done these tests “in a long time.”


And so, to sumarize nearly 9 years worth of comments, nobody knows of a place on the island which will do a comprehensive STD check? :bravo:


The people here have sex only with their wives. Missionary position. In the dark. After Match of the Day on a Saturday evening. And were virgins when they got married.


Not so. They don’t have sex at all. With anyone. Haven’t you heard about the “population crisis?”

I am surprised to hear about the disappearance of that testing centre. Anyway, you can still get an HIV test done at any hospital, although it’s not anonymous and you have to pay for it (I remember about NT$600). As for anything else - possibly not, at least not on demand (no Taiwanese person in their right mind would ask for such a thing, so you’ll be treated to the interesting spectacle of a blushing, giggling doctor if you do).


[quote=“finley”]Not so. They don’t have sex at all. With anyone. Haven’t you heard about the “population crisis?”

I was talking about the people on Forumosa, not the general population. Although…


This place runs all kinds of tests – STDs, diabetes, cholesterol, everything. They even let me take my dog to get x-rayed there once. You don’t need to leave your actual name or show an ID “if it isn’t convenient”. They are quick and professional, with no weird looks. They aren’t far from La Rouge at Xinpu station in Banqiao (make it a disease-testing and pizza night! :beer: ).



I have personally been to all 3 of these places below-let’s just say I needed their services, lol. The first two have free blood tests for HIV, amoeba, and syphilis. You can also take pee tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia-if you think you have these somewhere else (throat, bum), Taiwan doesn’t do swabs for that so you just need to go and get the shots! The first two are free, but each has its own plus and minus factors:

Ximen Hospital: 0968.951.563
台北市昆明街100號 (copy this into google maps if you don’t know where it is)
First call the number to make an appointment. You will need to call when you arrive for your appointment, as the entry is not via the main hospital entry. Also note they don’t want you going up first as they don’t want you there when other people are getting tested-this testing center is completely anonymous. After you call, they will tell you how to get there or come meet you at the main entry. Results take about a week. This is an HIV antibody test, so it will only cover your activities 3 months prior to the day blood is drawn. English service is excellent if you need and they ask that you fill out a questionnaire. 100% confidential-they do not report results to the government, you are given a number and never have to give your name. Note that Ximen hospital has other departments that do HIV/STD testing, but this is the one that is anonymous (use it if you are worried about getting deported).

Taida Hospital: 0968192151 or 02-23123456#67552
Taida Hospital Station on the Red Line
You need to call to make an appointment here as well. English service not as good, but they can get the job done. All the same tests as above and also free, but results for HIV are available same day (if you arrive in the morning) or next day (if you arrive in the afternoon). Taida hospital is huge and this place is tucked away, so you will need patience to find it. I’m not even going to try to explain how to get there-you will have to call them and they will guide you or they might even meet you at the main entrance and walk you back. This is an HIV antibody test, so it will only cover your activities 3 months prior to the day blood is drawn. 100% confidential-they do not report results to the government, you are given a number and never have to give your name.

So basically, if you speak no Chinese and are not in a hurry for your results, go to Ximen. If you want your results fast and don’t mind a bit of extra hassle with language and finding the place, go to Taida. Both places are extremely gay friendly and both are great resources for helping you circumvent the law if you need treatment for an STD.

邱內科診所, Qiu Neike Zhensuo (Qiu Internal Medicine Clinic): (02)25415671
台北市中山區南京西路2號3樓 (copy into google maps, near Zhongshan MRT station)
This place is basically a private lab. You have to give a name and phone number, but they don’t care if it is a real name or number and they do not report results to the government. This place offers a viral load test. Go in and ask for an RT-PCR HIV test. The test costs 3,000NT and results after 1 week. Note that this is generally not considered a very accurate diagnostic test (this test measures viral load for people who are have tested positive with a test from above), but IF you have had a REAL exposure (ie, had anal or vaginal sex with someone you know is positive), this test will give you an accurate results after 2 weeks, 4 weeks to be safe. They provide no counseling, they ask no questions and have no forms to fill out. Most HIV educators will ask that you still have a follow-up antibody test after 3 months at one of the above clinics for a conclusive test result. Note that these tests have a higher false-positive rate, so please: only do this if you know you have had a risk.


^ Thanks for the information.

I used it for a friend. I went with a female friend to NTU. She wanted a HIV test before she applies for residency.

She made the appointment. It was hard finding the room for the test.
We found it eventually.

Anyway, she felt uncomfortable when she was asked more than a few times why she wanted to have a HIV test (anonymously)?
She filled the form out which asks about your sexual history.
And they phone you with the results the next day.

That is backward. Well Taiwan and HIV (among other diseases) with regards to foreigners is backward, myopic and not helping anyone.

I will stick with my anonymous testing in Bangkok, where you are told in person your result, treated like a human and informed what to do next should you find you are positive.


I put some information about anonymous STD testing in another thread:

It costs money, but they do testing beyond HIV and syphillis.

I gave them my real name, but they didn’t ask to see ID and it says on the website “可匿名” which means you can do it anonymously. I called in for the results.

Hope this helps.


I am glad that I found this as it may come in handy when I move to Taiwan.


Can anyone please recommend a clinic in Taichung (台中) that tests for gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, HPV, etc…?

Thank you.


Antiretroviral Therapy to Prevent HIV Transmission

Here’s a two minutes video from NEJM.