Is this legal, right or fair? It looks like he is ‘stealing’ property and using it to make money. Since even Gus doesn’t do that, … I think that’s down right rude.

Other forums are there, too.

And this is the guy doing it?..
Registrant: David yuan 008613910781140
DDDV room 16 building 16 nanxiucun
guangzhou,–,CN 510641


Domain servers in listed order:

Administrator: room 16 building 16 nanxiucun
–, CN

name:(David yuan)
mail:( 008613910781140
Technical Contactor:
2800 28th Street Suite 205
Santa Monica
United States

name:(Domain Manager)
mail:( 310-314-1608
iPowerWeb, Inc
Billing Contactor:
room 16 building 16 nanxiucun

Registration Service Provider:
name: iPowerweb, Inc.
tel: 310-314-1608
fax: 310-314-1610


What a cheeky little b@stard! I doubt Gus agreed to that.
And what’s with those ugly psycho eyes in the top right corner?

What a little shit… Shut his ass down.

That son of a bitch. He needs to be slapped. :fume:

I don’t get it – what’s the problem?

He has a few (fully attributed) quotes from our discussions, and is directing people to Forumosa. Free advertising. Rather kind of him I think.

I must admit, I feel flattered – he grabbed my one really good pick in the market of the last year. :smiley:

BTW, I think I recognize those eyes – they look like part of one of PorcelainPrincess’s earlier avatars. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s his site.

Take a look at the front page.

Ads for all kinds of CD/DVD rippers and SPYWARE!! This guy is a shyster.

Ah. Well, ok. If Gus/Maoman want, it is not difficult to set up the webserver software to detect where a request for an image is coming from (he’s linking to the forum images from the Forumosa webserver, basically stealing bandwidth) to throw up some different images instead.

Something like this, say: … nCage4.jpg

If you embed that between the usual {img} … {/img} tags in a post, say in the moderator’s forum, you will see a giant black transsexual telling you not to steal bandwidth. (You might even see that if you pop it up from the link above.) If, on the other paw, you were to view it from their website as they would prefer, you would see a moderately humorous photoshopped image of primitive trains delivering stone blocks to build the Pyramids in Egypt.