StemTech Taiwan Pre-launch May 19, 2008

Stem cell science remains the fastest growing medical/scientific discovery of the millennium for good reason – stem cells have been shown to become any of the different cell types in the body. As the primary way to revitalize and repair, a single stem cell can become millions of other healthy cells once it has migrated into that tissue.


StemTech Health Sciences Inc, a San Clemente, CA based company has created a new product category called stem cell enhancers. Their main products are StemEnhance for humans, StemPets for dogs and StemEquine for horses. Responding to many requests, the company will Pre-launch StemTech Taiwan on May 19, 2008.

First of its kind

The StemTech management team will explain to attendees at the launch how the product is the first of its kind, has been clinically tested and that research has been published in a peer reviewed Medical Journal. They will explain how the natural botanical extract, AFA, in the right concentration supports wellness by helping the body to maintain healthy stem cell physiology. They will also revealed the extent of the popularity of the product among the baby boomer generation in the United States.

StemTech is currently open in six other countries and is rapidly gaining popularity as the wellness industry continues to grow. StemTech plans to be in 25 countries within 5 years and recently launched virtual global sign up to identify those countries with the greatest demand as the next to launch.

Finally, StemTech is a company with compassion and views social responsibility as an important part of its mission. To this end StemTech Taiwan will seek out charities to support which primarily help children and the environment.

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