Step up/step down transformer?

Looking for a chain store, or a Xinzhuang specific store that sells step up/step down transformers. Specifically I need a transformer that will allow me to use a UK voltage TV in a Taiwan socket. I know a store that sells them but it is nowhere near my house and would prefer not to leave my area too far.

What’s the wattage? I got a great one from guanghua top floor.

145 watt. Ideally I don’t want to leave Xinzhuang

Well too bad. That’s the place to get the good stuff. You may find online but something like this I’d rather buy in person.

I got a great 1100 watt one from there. Good case and it works both ways.

If it’s an LCD TV, it will almost certainly work on 110V. Post a picture of the rating label.

If you really want a transformer, go to the electronics area near XinSheng Rd and walk into any store that sells electronic components. They all have them.

I don’t recommend using the little triac-based converters that are sold in everything shops.

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Yes me too. I went to TK3C and explained what I want and showed pictures and the guy just looked at me like I asked him to sell me a rocketship

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The person I am buying it from says I need the transformer above so that’s what I’m looking for. He told me a place I can get one but I’d rather not go all the way out there if I can get one in Xinzhuang

Little to the left …


That’s all I have till I pick it up tonight. Anyways, I need the transformer

You’ve clipped off the left-hand side where it shows the voltage. Have a look, I bet it says down to 85V.

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get one from PC home then you don’t need to go out轉220v插座

I’d rather not die in my sleep from an electrical fire

Will have a look when I get it tonight but I’m pretty sure I need the transformer.

So if anyone knows any chain stores that would sell this kind of thing let me know.

Why would getting one from PC home give you a fire? they are the same as you would get in the store

If you were buying from some random store then yes, but I’m hoping I can find a reputable chain store that isn’t selling the cheapest they can find from China.

this is the same one I got from B&Q no fire in 2 years of running a washing machine
also its has a fuse and replacement fuses for safety

Ah B&Q, good idea. Is this exactly what I need? UK plug in Taiwan plug out?

All you have to do is some rewiring if you absolutely must have 220v. You don’t need a transformer. Taiwan has 220v for AC’s and other high drain appliance.

He is scared if fires, so better not ask him to look at his wiring, he would never sleep. :wink:


1000NT from B&Q pretty chunky thing and you can use it as a step up or step down

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