Step up/step down transformer?

So I guess I would need a simple UK to Taiwan plug converter too right since that is Taiwan to Taiwan?

Most TVs have a removable cable.

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was just typing this, better to change the cable safer than having lots of adapters


Will check it out. Thanks for the tips guys. Will update on my progress later.

OK. Anyway, it’s very rare for any appliance to be single-voltage these days; anything with a switchmode PSU in it invariably works in universal mode (85-264V), partly because the controller ICs are designed to work that way, and partly because it’s a pain in the ass for the manufacturers to carry stock for different variants. Just sayin’.

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Don’t like these because both sides plugs are the same and one moment cofusion will blow things up.

If I were to plug a 220v TV into a 110v Taiwan plug and the TV wasn’t designed to do that, what is the worst that would happen? Would it just not work or would it break?

that comes with Age

Most 220v appliance plugged into 110v would simply not get hot enough, if it was say a hair dryer or soldering iron or iron.

I don’t think TV’s care as they have switching power supply that works from 100-250v.

It would simply not power up. The power supply will have a low-voltage detection circuit. If the input voltage doesn’t reach the switch-on threshold, it won’t attempt to start up.

Doing it the other way (a 110V appliance with a 220V power supply) demands a lot more caution!

Guess I will wait and see tonight then.

This is the model: Samsung 55-Inch HU8500 Smart 3D UHD 4K LED Curved TV

I am quite excited.

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Actually I would even argue that people connecting extension cords would cause the most risk of an electrical fire, as most extension cords are not really rated for the full load of a circuit and they aren’t fused either. Christmas lights are actually safer than extension cords as they have fuses inside, as are extension cords that uses UK plugs because those are fused too. So that means if you connected two hot pots to a typical extension cord, circuit breaker would not trip but the extension cord would melt.

just looked it up for you

you will need an adapter and better with a 300w to cover max power consumption


Ah, will the B&Q one posted earlier be suitable?

Yes that was 300w but check the box as they have different watts.
Also if the cable comes out of the tv you may get a replacement there with a 2 pin plug

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Those right?




get a discount if you get it online (but probably have to pay for postage)

I’ll rock up to B&Q tomorrow to get one. Thanks guys

Just be aware that a 500W transformer weighs about 8kg. :slight_smile:

An adaptor from UK to Taiwan is all you need. Taiwan male, UK female.