I am looking for Stephanie. She worked with me at Kid Castle about 2 years ago. She was living in San Diego before coming to Taipei. I am looking for her because I will be going to grad. school this Fall in San Diego. I have never been there and would like to ask her about the place. If you can get me in touch with her that would be great.


You might want to be a bit more specific. :slight_smile:

Don’t know why Stephanie would want to know any kretins who can’t at least post her full name. And after two years maybe she just doesn’t want to know you anymore. Otherwise she would have kept in contact IMHO.

Just go to San Diego and check it out for yourself. It is a very nice place, and I am sure some locals will be more than willing to help you getting around.

have you never got back in contact with someone that you used to know? further, the op just wants info about a place stephanie is familiar with, and wants it from someone s/he feels is a reliable source. no mention of wanting sweaty piggy-sex.

i agree that posting a full name would help, especially looking for someone who worked there 2 years ago.

Dude, just browsing old stuff out of boredom and I think I can help you with this one. PM me for details.

San Diego is beautiful place. all sun, margaritas, and water.

Give me a last name and I might have information.

Hey Jay! It’s me. Just to confirm: Sunny was our boss and we laughed about a kid named Lion in my 2-year-old class, and I know Sam & Laura, too. I am still in Taipei but will be moving to LA in August. I will PM you. San Diego is awesome - you’ll love it!

Sigh. I love happy endings.