Stephen Breyer to Retire

Biden, being a racist, has pledged to appoint a black women to the court. Because the GOP did away with the SCOTUS filibuster, there’s nothing they can do and we’ll get another Sotomayor who has to ask what The Constitution is while she does whatever she wants for the next 30-40 years.


I see @KHHville linked the article in the “predict the smear” thread. I’m guessing that the GOP smear will be that she doesn’t follow the words and meaning of The Constitution, while the Democrats will smear anyone who is opposed to her as a racist.

Edit: and, of course, a sexist. And probably a fascist. Almost definitely a white supremacist. And maybe a Nazi.

Might as well integrate this thread with the larger one, because there will always be smears on any new SC justice candidate, no matter what party runs the legislative or executive branch.


I think the types of criticisms will be very different. I doubt we’ll see any accusations of gang rapes without any evidence, belonging to a cult, or noticing pubic hair on soda cans. My guess is it will be more of the “her judicial philosophy is incoherent” and “she has demonstrated a disregard for the Constitution and American values by doing ‘X’”.

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Biden should go big and nominate four new members at once in order to restore the Supreme Politbureau’s power to engage in legislation without representation.

The Republicans will demand that Biden wait to appoint a new justice until after the 2024 election to truly reflect the will of the people. :smirk:


Is that the bar? :laughing:

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Ketanji Brown Jackson

This was predicted back in June when she was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit see here and was predicted before she even got appointed to that position back in March 2021 see here

Spare yourself the time and energy listening to CNN scratch their heads over this one.

Other than graduating Harvard Law, she doesn’t really seem to have distinguished herself career-wise. She does have the right skin color though.

She’s a federal judge. I think it’s safe to say she’s got a little more than that working in her favor. It’s unfair to wrap her in the box that Biden built for her.

Oh, I’m sure she’s competent. Just nothing particularly distinguished in her career.

I’m just saying that we shouldn’t hate on this woman simply because Biden is an idiot. She hasn’t even made weight yet. The fight is months away.

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Yes because Republicans always take the high road.


You should like this thread as you have begun to see things in black and white, huh?

Anything to say about the maybe nominee? Or just gonna bash them repubes? :laughing:

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You want me to bash a hypothetical nominee that hasn’t been named yet? Naw… I’ll leave that to you guys!

Did I ask you to bash her? Why would you start there? Oh right, your chronic bias.

You didn’t hear? We’re getting another Sotomayor and Biden’s a racist.

If he wanted to show his keen interest in putting a black person on the Supreme court he could have just voted for Clarence Thomas.