Sterling Silver Jewelry Components?

Any jewelry hobbyists here beside Iron Lady (I know she’s busy so I don’t want to bug her).

I’m getting ready to order some sterling silver from the States but wondering if anyone has found these here at good prices (addresses/numbers or just a STREET would help!):

Sterling silver lobster claw clasps
Chain for use with above to make an adjustable clasp
Plain and fancy Toggle Clasps
Sterling silver beads in bulk (not pewter, not from China)
Sterling beads, plain and fancy from Bali
49 strand/19 strand Beadalon

Thank you!

There’s a shop called Bazaar near the Shidong market (or kind of behind the Taipei American School if you go that way), which has a small collection. The lady has a lot of vague stuff, mostly Chinese style clothes and gift articles, but she did have some nice silver stuff. I’ll get you the exact address when I am in the area.

There are a few shops in the “hou che zhan” area (behind Taipei Main Station) that sell sterling silver wire and assorted other stuff. Start from Civil Blvd. and walk north on…darn…that really big street…um…I think it’s Yanping N. Road…it’s near that place where the streets come together in a weird pointy way where I buy stone beads and fillers…obviously I can’t tell you where it is very well. I’ve bought sterling silver filler beads (plain, round) here in the past at a reasonable price, but I’m still working on the larger bag I bought in Thailand awhile back.

There’s another place on Jinshan N. Road (it’s the section where there are side-lanes to the road on the ground level part) just below the place where the road bumps up a little bit (I know, this is pathetic) which handles all kinds of jewelry-making tools. I don’t remember if they had silver or not but I think they didn’t, but if you need a torch, files, or anything like that, it’s good.

You can get round wire of various gauges here in sterling. Solder is available.

However, for pre-casts, clasps, various shapes of wire, any kind of tool you can imagine, and silver, gold, platinum and base metals in all their myriad forms, go to the big source from the US: Rio Grande. I think it’s and you may have to request a catalogue (which weigh about 3 pounds each — there are 3 separate ones). However, they’re probably the best wholesaler in the US and they have no problem selling retail.

Ah, we’ll just have to go there someday and I’ll show you where it all is, if I can find it. Pack a lunch just in case!! :unamused:

Thanks Tatkess! I know exactly where Bazaar is and I’ve bought some of their silver as gifts. Actually, I’m looking for better prices OR just a very convenient place to pick up stuff if I should run out of what I manage to get from the States.

ironlady–I know where Yenping is, but I wonder if the street you’re talking about is Chong Qing (not sure about the spelling). There’s a mix of costume jewelry, and I’ve also found gold chains, pearls, gold clasps. I think I just need more time to explore on my own without the kidlets. I stopped in at one tiny little place that had people coming and going to just pick things up, must have been wholesale, but when I asked about a 14k gold filigree fishhook clasp, they told me it was $450 per set. I think I need to ask someone the pinyin for “wholesale” and “sterling silver”. Maybe I need some kind of business ID or card to persuade them to give me a discount? One day I’ll take you up on that offer to go hunting together.

Thanks again, ladies!

well, I don’t know if this one is close to you or not, but it sure has a more interesting and bigger collection than the Bazaar shop. Don’t know the name of the shop, but its bang opposite the Mother CAre shop on tiemnu West road. Don’t think it has any jewellery components, but worth a look nevertheless.