Steve Loi

Hey Forumosans. I’ve heard people talk about Steve Loi as being a pretty good agent, and as of right now I’m thinking I might need one. I’m having a tough time finding the guy, though.

The phone number I found on Forumosa is 0919522249, but evidently that’s been suspended. His website ( gives his e-mail address as, but every e-mail I’ve sent to the guy has bounced.

Anyone been in contact with Steve recently? Is he dead? Are there other good agents out there people would recommend?

Try 02 2911 0981

Hrmmm . . . just tried it, and I’m getting an automated message and a hang-up.

I’m taking this as a bad sign; maybe he’s not the guy I should have handling my job options if he can’t keep his basic vectors for contact up and running?

Anyone else have a number/e-mail address for Steve? Or recommendations of someplace else to look?

From what I’ve read on this forum about agents, I’d stay away from them if I were you.

Believe me, I’d prefer not to. On Monday I should get a chance to see whether I’m being picked up by a local buxiban that I’d really like, but if not, I’m going to be looking for something pretty fast. The only other thing I’ve got lined up is a corporate class on the other side of town, at $600NT/hour. It just doesn’t make sense to take it unless there’s NOTHING else available, I’m sorry to say.

And that’s where the agents come in (yech).

Thanks all for the help so far.

I dont know if steveintaiwan still recruits, I used to be on his mailing list and havent gotten it in at least a year…