Stewart vs. Colbert; Who's Funnier?

Who’s Funnier?

  • Jon Stewart - funnier; Steven Colbert - funny
  • Jon Stewart - funny; Steven Colbert - funnier
  • Jon Stewart - funny; Steven Colbert - not funny
  • Jon Stewart - not funny; Steven Colbert - funnier
  • Equal - not funny
  • Equal - funny
  • No Opinion

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I used to think it was Stewart, no contest. But lately Colbert has been cracking me up more. Last night, the twitters from the Capitol Christmas tree. Good stuff. Maybe Stewart needs to retool.

Colbert cracks me up. Haven’t seen too much of Stewart.

I’m with you, Colbert definitely gets me cracking up more often then Stewart these days. A lot of “I can’t believe he just said that, but it was freaking hilarious.”, especially with his off-site interview segments.
Stewart is still funny, but not so surprising or laugh out loud funny. Maybe he’s missing Bush. The shtick does seem to be getting a little old.

I think it depends on the the material. Both have great delivery, but my vote leans towards Colbert based mainly on his appearance before that House committee.