The kids love them. I hate them. I am teaching 4 year olds. The stickers are at the back of the book. The page they are supposed to stick them on is at the front. Is there an easy way to do this?

if that’s the worst of your trouble, count yourself lucky!

I’m not quite seeing the problem here.
Maybe you can rip out one of the pages to make it easier for them to transfer the stickers?

I tear out the sticker pages and write their names on the back. Keep them at the school and only hand them out when there’s a sticker exercize. Stops the over-zealous ones from going home and sticking them everywhere.

I was just going to say the same thing… that way you can also treat it as a privilege/reward, because they will look forward to doing it.

Thanks Jimi.
I was thinking the same thing. Just that I just started this job. In the past I’ve worked with older kids, so I need ways to simplify things.
If I wasn’t clear enough about the problem, when they turn to the back to get a sticker, they lose the page they are supposed to stick it on. It just takes a long time.