Stiff ride

hey I just got Smyco r1z 125…the ride is very stiff…not comfortable at all…is it suppose to be like that? everytime I go over anything uneven I can feel it all over my ass…can it be adjusted or something

You mean a SYM, right?

I imagine that the rear suspension’s adjustable. Go to a mechanic and get him to jack the preload up a bit.

also new shocks / forks take a little while to bed in… take it for a good long bumpy ride with as many types of terrain as you can find preferably with a decent load on board… the shocks should soften up a bit as they bed in…

don’t expect much though, in an effort to improve “handling” they may have put in higher compression rate shocks… on low end shocks that’ll always be a compromise… Like Joesax said, you can and should adjust the preload to suit your weight and approx desired ride height, but that won’t change the comp/rebound rate though…

thanks guys…I gonna let my mechanic adjust it and then ride it for 1k km? to see if it’s softer…is it 1k km to break in for bike? for the suspension and engine and everything…if it’s still too stiff then maybe I will change to a softer shock then…right now it’s jus way too stiff…probably part coz it’s new and part coz it’s like a faster racing type of bike I guess?