Still confused about public schools

I keep reading different things about public school teaching. One site says certified teachers working at public schools pay no taxes as per MOE regulations. Another site will list the regular info about number of days per year worked, percentages, etc. So which is it? Where can I find official info? :help:

Elementary school teachers don’t have to pay tax. You still have to file a tax return though.

Still kind of confused. Is “elementary” considered all K-9 compulsory schooling, i.e. before jr college, vocational, etc., or only lower grades? I want to teach public jr high or maybe high school, grades 6-12.

Only lower grades.

Thanks buttercup. Nice to have correct info when arranging interviews so I don’t get scammed. Next question, what grade is the top end of elementary, 5th, 6th? I know if I work at an elementary school I’ll likely be teaching all grade levels.

Old Post I know, but does anyone know if this is true?

Hi, I’m an FET (MOE Foreign English Teacher) in junior high and I get taxes taken out of my pay check each month. I get most of the money back when I file, but not all. FETs with kids and husbands/wives seem to get more deductions and end up not owing taxes in the end, but that’s not the same as not owing taxes. See page 16-17 of the FET contact:外籍英語教師聘僱契約_發文縣市.pdf (if link isn’t working, google FET Taiwan > Downloads > contract).
(I’ve also seen various websites suggest that public school teachers don’t pay taxes here. Who doesn’t wish that were the case :wink: )

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they weren’t taxed till 2012. Since 2012, they are taxed.