Still confusion over marriage procedures.. help!


i am sorry. i have spent copious amounts of time reading all of the (sometimes conflicting) information on marriage, so I thought I would just post my situation.

here it is: I am currently in Taiwan on a valid ARC, but I plan to return to the States in the summer to go back to school. My girlfriend, who is Taiwanese, and I plan to marry soon and then apply for a greencard so she can legally reside in the U.S. (my country of origin). We want to get married in Taiwan because I heard that will make the greencard easier to get AND our jobs provide benefits for newlyweds.

Now, a couple of questions: given my valid ARC, I suppose I do not need all of the documentation for the Joining Family Visa, but do I still
need the CCRD, which sounds like a real pain to get? The website at AIT makes no mention of this.

Also, since I am going back to go to school, would that cause a problem for the American Immigration Authorities? My girlfriend is currently planning on applying to schools on her own? I know I will need a sponsor.

Finally, would applying for a greencard right after marriage look suspicious in the eyes of American immigration officials?

thanks for the help,

You’re probably going to have to go to AIT at one point or another to pick up some forms. Why not just go now and get all of your questions answered at once?

By the way, I don’t think you need the CCRD unless you’re applying for the JFRV.

One more thing, you may not find much information on this board that is going to help you because your issue is more of an American immigration issue than a Taiwan immigration issue. Try searching other boards that are more focused on that topic and I’m sure you’ll find what you need.

If you have no plans to live in Taiwan for more than a few weeks you don’t need to apply for a visa, thus you do not need the CCRD because you are not applying for the JFRV. However, I believe you and your fiance will need singles certificates in order to get married in Taiwan, you can get these at AIT, your girl friend will need to go to a court in Shih Lin I believe.