Still eating Beef? I guess you didn't see the video

Do you enjoy beef (or care about animals)? You may not want to read this thread.

A California company has just recalled 143 million pounds of beef – the largest beef recall in US history – after a secret video was released showing workers in their slaughterhouse doing everything possible to get “downers” (cows so sick and disabled that they cannot stand up) onto their feet so they can force them in to be slaughtered. Cows that cannot stand are otherwise prohibited by law from being slaughtered, because they carry greater risk of mad cow disease. So in the video you see workers kicking downers, stabbing them in the eyes, ramming them with forklifts, shocking them and spraying them with high-pressure hoses to force them to their feet and into the grinder.

The guys who did it – fucking cretins – are being investigated and may be charged with animal cruelty. The company issued a statement about how they only adhere to the highest standards in full compliance with the law (ha ha).

Still gonna eat that hamburger?