Stinky infectious caged cats in my porch

I have this problem, perhaps somebody can direct me where to get help.

We moved last month and new neighbors moved a week later. Now they have caged cats, 2 adults and 4 kitten. Their cages are right next to our porch/living room door in front of theirs. The smell of feces and urine is really getting out of hand and even tho is been pretty hot lately we need to keep our door close and now the second floor windows and the stink is still getting in somehow. A few days ago coming back from school my 4yo touched the cage and right away her face and got a nasty rash. My wife called the lady’s attention about it nicely and she answer the same way saying they they were going to lift the cages permanently so they could clean better. Secretly my wife went to talk to her landlady but she said there’s nothing she could do.

We are mostly concern about the long term health hazards since we signed for a year but wanted to stay longer, nevertheless we are considering moving out early. My wife have been going to sleep the last 2 days with a headache.

And to finish, we love cats but not the cruelty of a cage and their exposure to their own feces right where the poor animals eat.

What would you do?

Open the cages and let the cats escape.

“No, not us. Never saw nothing. May have been those kids playing across he street. On the other hand, cats are smarter than people, so they may have escaped on their own.”

Record it, and then contact the Lizhang to see if he can intervene to get them to keep the cage clean. Also contact the SPCA as this is bordering on animal cruelty (borderline because it is Taiwan).

Second that. Record it. Report it. Whatever happens, it is better than that existence -won’t even call it life. Cats are very neat animals, won’t eat close to filth. What you describe is cruelty.

Yeah, thanks guys, I think we gonna do that, I hate bad blood between neighbors, but this wasn’t on my lease.

Thanks all, the wife is going to call the EPA or something like that, they gave a ticket to a neighbor for spray painting and somebody call for the smell, hopefully they’ll do the same for us, my little girl just recover from a nasty enterovirus epidemic in the town and seen her again with eruptions thinking that this time is really somebody’s negligence pisses me off.

Perhaps I have been reading too much on it but cats eating on their feces is the perfect recipe for toxoplasmosis, and the cat urine smell contains very concentrated ammonia which is cancerogenous if breathed on prolonged times.

Even tho I’m mostly a cat person we have been a little precautions about adopting one for the same sanitary reasons. So we sacrifice the having a cat experience but now we have to suffer 6 times their negligence. Like paying for something you want six times and not getting anything, besides we would take care of it a lot better.

Anonymous call to 1999.

Apparently that number is only for Taipei (?)

My girl is fine now, we still have the stink tho.

My wife called EPA (somehow anonymously too) and somebody came and even tho it was a very stinky moment they said it wasn’t bad enough.
But they warn the cat-lady to keep the place clean, but this morning she and her mother were talking loud that they knew who called and we where in trouble.

Ah silly people. I just have my video recorder ready for anything. We’ll try something else later but for know we just learn that this lady is some kind of stripper or whatever (she is NOT the attractive kind) so we are thinking is better to don’t mess with the wrong crowd.

Keeping 6 cats in a cage is disgraceful.
Take photos, film it, and get it up on one of the facebook Taiwan animal welfare sites. Someone may do something about it.

This nearly happened to us (only dogs, not cats). They were kept in a small cage in the next-door front yard, and the smell was bad on both ground & first floors, if the windows were open. We stayed there one night, but couldn’t figure out a way to deal with this, and didn’t sign a lease.

I got nothing much good to offer you:
Either move out.
Or get a cat of your own, make friends with your neighbours, and win them over as how to look after a pet.

Yeah well if they were here before us we wouldn’t had signed the lease.

So far we are just gonna play it low, but if they start insulting my wife or confronting us, we gonna go full blow on them lol.
Today after all the swearing and stuff in the morning I had my hd camera recording from the window and told my wife where to stand if they wanted to fight, and my wife is 5’8" and strong as hell, she have 2 brothers that are over 6’ so I’m not afraid of her been hurt on a fight but I just told her don’t throw the first punch. We will see.

Sure, you got unlucky the way it worked out.
Playing it low is fine, but it doesn’t get rid of the smell (or the cats).

Are they renting too? Maybe you can ‘force’ them to move, seeing as you were there first. We also had a different neighbour who would leave her chained dog alone for hours, and the poor thing would howl forever. We had words, and then thankfully one day the dog vanished and was never seen again.

If you prepare for a fight, you’ll get a fight, and I don’t think you realise how your post read, what with you hiding upstairs videoing while your wife takes on the role of getting into a physical confrontation.

Better to eat humble pie and go to the neighbour with offers to help with the cats. Suggest she lets you clean the cage for her. You’ll be surprised what a change of tone can achieve.

Here’s how we kill cat urine smells safely and very effectively:

Mix two cups three percent hydrogen peroxide, two teaspoons liquid dish soap, two tsp. baking soda and one tsp. of lemon juice.

And start taking pics of the kittens and offering to find homes for them. Then, if you really want to, offer to neuter the adults. Or rehome them.

You’re stuck in a pattern that isn’t producing results, so act differently and your neighbour will react differently.

You read it wrong, they were talking shit about us in front of our door, and we where pretty certain that the lady was going to jump on my wife as soon as she walked out the door for the things they were saying, you CANNOT IGNORE the fact that you are in danger and if you are accused of something false, would you like to have a proof that it wasn’t you, we never mess with nobody’s business and we wouldn’t care about the woman having 50 cats as long as didn’t have to suffer the smell (bad smell means toxins or bacteria in the air).
We are not naive, we are both over 30 and since married had never get on confrontations with nobody, but we are not the passive kind.

What you suggest is deceive the woman on thinking we like her so we can take over her life decisions, that sounds pretty silly to me, I think one of the worst thing you can make is underestimate people like that. We had never confronted these people, my wife is a very polite person, and she got the neighbor lady tired from suggesting how to take care of her cats, my wife is a huge cat lover and she feels terribly hurt when we hear the cats crying at night because they can’t get out. All we did was called the EPA to come and check the situation, it was our right, we didn’t do anything illegal, and if she is doing nothing wrong why would she have to worry, they came and say is not that bad, and told the lady to make sure it stays under control and she and her mother took it against us, is not our fault we know we did right and we will continue doing what is better for us. Btw a lot of people suggested to take pics and post it on the town’s facebook group, but we would do that to somebody, at least no yet, the kitten will get bigger on a few months so we’ll see.

The other day this woman was talking to another person outside of how simple her life is, she sleeps at all times and plays with her cats, she don’t even know how to use a computer nor have a TV. We simply let her alone as apparently she is keeping the place cleaner and less smellier, but we have given up having the front door open to get some fresh air on this heat.

Let me explain it like this, I wouldn’t hurt a fly for no reason, but I would slain 50 cats if that would keep my daughter from illness or infections.

I think I have a better understanding now of why you’re having problems.

Go hide while your wife fights then.

Spot on.

Move the cats, take them to one of the animal rescue centers here.

Do it at night.

Make sure there is no working camera.

Problem fucking solved.

Release the cats. Or kill them. end of problem.

Never stoop to the level of playing a Taiwanese psychopaths game: they will always win. Just shortfuse them and disavow all knowledge.

Release the cats and they will go nowhere. They will stay where there is a food source, or where they have been fed.

A polite reminder to posters: please refrain from suggesting anything illegal. Animal cruelty is a crime in Taiwan.

Beyond bagging the cats in a sack and chucking them in the river, it’s hard to see what could be more cruel than their current existence.

TexMex, I 'd go for getting rid of the cats too. Naturally, you’ll be immediately held to blame.
You could always give yourself an alibi - go away for a couple of days, make a bit of a show of leaving. Then arrange for someone trustworthy to remove the cage in the dead of night and take kitties to the nearest animal sanctuary. Heck, I’d do that for you if I was local.