Stitching company name on a hat and/or shirt

I am wanting to get a company name/logo stitched on some polo-style shirts and some hats. Does anyone know or can recommend a place in Taipei that does this type of work. I have been to a few near some elementary schools (the kids have their names/numbers stitched on their shirts) but they did not want my business.
Any places that anyone knows about?
Thanks in advance!

Can anyone recommend a place in Taipei that can stitch a company name on a hat and/or a shirt? I have asked around at several places where I see people working on school uniforms and they turn me down. I am not sure if it is because I only need one hat and shirt done for now. More in the near future (provided the quality of the work is good).
Does anyone know of any place?
Thank you.

Taiwan probably has more computer embroidery businesses than anywhere else in the world. Try the streets around and south of Ximending in Taibei City, including the west side of Zhonghua Road.

Oh, only one had and one shirt? I don’t think anyone will think it worth their while.