Stocks over the presidential elections this March?

I have reasons for riding TSEC stock investments through March this year, I also have reasons for not.

Every situation is unique in its own way, especially when tying them to investments. I have half a mind to stop thinking and close my eyes until April fools.

I am not pessimistic about the Taiwan stock market now.
No matter who wins the Presidential election,the economic policy will be better than now.
For now just be careful with the stock -picking.

The economy in Taiwan is too dependent on external factors, so any presidential result will have limited exposure in the stock market.
Even with the massive win by the KMT in the LY elections, the results of it were quickly diluted.

I have been out of touch in the Taiwan market for some years.

Any stand out companies these days?

Are local investors still primarily investing in individual companies or has the local market been flooded with mutual fund offerings etc?

Solar will still be a good investment in 2008 as far as I know… also LCD market will boom with more and more demand of big size LCD TV…