Stocks SBUX EBAY & Energy

What’s you opinion. Ebay dropped 4 buxks over night and is coming off a high. Is Jan going to be a slow month? Will ebay drop below $106? If you were going to buy what price would you look for?

Starbucks anyone? It dropped about a 1.50 overnight too because it didn’t get it’s returnd 8% not the 10% they forcasted. Good deal? It’s not going to be a stellar year but it could turn out a nice return over the course of the year.

Engergy stocks? Are they going up again this year or going to come crashing down?


hmm, a newsletter I get suggests that the oil tanker ride could be slowing down and sold (TOPT and VLCCF)

but he stated that coal was going to be big this year, as well as oil exploration co (NSS). as for straight oil co play: XOM. try natural gas. I made some good money in PQUE last year.

starbux is a longer term stock. motley fool calls it a twenty year stock, so get it if you want to, keep adding and forget it. I did that with MO in 2002 and wow am I happy now.

I feel EBAY is the same: get in if you want to because it’s going to be around for a while and there are so many untapped markets still out there. They’ve got brand name recognition, etc. However , motely fool says hold for now.

wish i’d bought a stock of SBUX for every cup of coffee I consumed there!


Mmm… I still think there’s plenty of growth, but can we buy on the sale days…?

What do you think?


I don’t think it’s wise to buy all that you want of any one stock at any one time…spread it out over time

dollar cost averaging DCA

The only time I KNEW to buy and buy a lot was when MO fell to the low 30s last year. It quickly returned to where it was and now sits at about 61.

Unless SBUX misses earnings, how deep of a sale is it going to be? Don’t quibble over pennies. That’s a good way to lose sleep. DCA.