Stomach discomfort and the urge/feeling to throw up

This happened to me a few times already since earlier this year but I can’t figure what it is or rather how I can avoid it:

Since two days I suffer from stomach discomfort and the feeling that I need to throw up, in fact yesterday morning I did (forced it actually).
When I wake up I can feel something in my digestive system isn’t right, there is a kind of pressure on my stomach and it usually get’s a bit better after going to the toilet (no diadingsda… though). Also a large amount of saliva will collect in my mouth after I wake up and there seems to be something left in my stomach which will make me want to throw up.
I forced it to get the stuff out and (hopefully) feel better, it’s just a lot of liquid, yellowish in color (perhaps saliva I swallow during the night?). Felt better afterwards.
Until today I am still not feeling that well, same symptoms this morning but no throwing up this time though I still have lot’s of saliva in my mouth.
Usually it will take 2-3 days and I will be fine again.

Had seen a doctor about this before, he said it’s stress related and I should just have, well, less stress - and sleep more. Don’t really have any stress I think and usually I sleep 7-8 hours during the week and 10-12 (no joke) at the weekend. The medicince he gave me against the throwing up was effective but they didn’t tell me what it was exactly.

Any idea / suggestion? Thanks.

Rascal, you know what the doctors here are like! See another quack ASAP and you’ll probably get a completely different diagnosis. But see that doctor, and as Wolf said to somebody else just a few days ago, don’t waste time asking the opinions of Forumosa’s “armchair medics.” They don’t know squat, and neither would any reputable qualified doctor without examining you.
It could be anything from an upset stomach to an inflamed ulcer to heliobacter pylori, to a … well, see another doctor.

Hope it’s not the same problem I had and still have, but after experiencing almost the same set of problems a while ago (maybe a year and a half or so), I went through a series of doctors until one of them finally decided to do a colonoscopy and, lo and behold, found I had developed a slight case of ulcerative colitis (ulcers on my lower colon). Pretty harmless if caught early on, but the small holes were casuing the strange feeling, almost like acid indigestion. Go to one of the bigger hospitals and ask to see a G.I. specialist … they can usually tell you if it’s something serious within a short period of time.


Go see another MD.

Sorry if I’ve caused you any stress…

Cut back on coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, red meat and fried food if you do them to excess and drink lots of water.

Ok, thanks. Will go and see another doc then …

Are you sure you’re not pregnant? It sounds similiar to morning sickness.

Don’t laugh but one of my Chinese friends (a female) told me men can also get morning sickness if they have recently fathered a child.
Not that this is a possibility in my case though … :wink:

Men can also breastfeed.

Are you lactating Rascal?

Do you mean if I am lactating or being lactating?