Stomach virus

Anyone got some of these symptoms? Vomiting, diarhee, swollen and hard stomach (no, not pregnant :wink: )

3 of my co-workers, including me, had to take off from work on Friday. And half of the students didn’t come for classes…everybody had this virus. I was hospitalized, 'cause with my low bloodpressure it didn’t mixed so well, so be careful people…

I has my visdom pulled and are on penecilin so a virus don’t scare me.
The fucking penecilin is making me unable to get to the toilet in time annyway.

I’m as sick as a dog. A very sick dog. Fever, bloated gut, runs, shakes. I’m not happy. And I can’t just sleep it away. I never get sick. Why is this happening to me. Won’t someone bring me chicken soup? Wah!