I suppose it was the chlorous water I drank last night, I can’t think of anything else, that caused me to have the most terrible stomachache in a while. I spare you guys the details, but I couldn’t sleep the whole night and spent most of it on the throne.

In situations like this, I usually take Baoqiwan 保濟丸. They really do work wonders, usually…But I somehow still feel very sick today and more so after my boyfriend forced me to eat a little as to prevent me from collapsing.
Any suggestions on what to do? I don’t like seeing doctors as I don’t have an insurance here anyways.

Many of my students have come down with this stomach complaint over the last few months, including my son. If it’s the same thing eating is not what you want to be doing, or so the Dr. says. (Disclaimer - I am not a Dr. nor do I have medical training). The Dr. said to drink sports drinks and soup, pref. rice soup, not rice itself, but the water. Why? Because digesting the rice can cause more stomach complaints. He said to eat bread and NOT to drink any milk or other dairy products.

My son was throwing up and hasn’t had the bott yet, the DR. said that the screaming runs may start after 3-4 days.

Well, I stayed home the whole day yesterday. Besides sleeping a lot I drunk a liter of super supau to prevent me from collapsing, cause I couldn’t eat anything. Somehow I feel fine again today. Weird. Reminded me a lot of my days in Mainland China where you get sick for no reason what so ever…I never experienced that before in Taiwan. What happend?