Stone carvers or sculptors on forumosa?

Does anyone know where I could get access to raw soapstone or jade on the island? I’ve read that Hualien(sp?) has some sculpting activity and perhaps Taichung as well. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve done a little bit of soapstone carving, miniature stuff.

I’ve got a box full of small pieces of carveable soapstone, in the form of name-chop blanks, in case you’re doing miniatures (avg. 1"x1"x3.5"??), but nothing bigger. I could part with some, at cost, but I imagine you want bigger chunks, right?
In the first pic, top left, you can see one of the larger pieces available at chop shops, about 3-4" cubed. I don’t recall seeing many larger pieces than that.

If you’re in the Taipei area, go to the weekend jade market tomorrow or Sunday and ask around.

Thanks Cranky I’ll look into that when I get over there. I’m not in Taiwan yet so I’m just trying to get the essentials sorted before I land.

DragonBones your work is great and that selection of stone you have is encouraging. If you’re still on the island when I get over there I’ll arrange to hook up with you. I am looking for much larger pieces but doing some chops would be cathartic as well I imagine.


The variety and quality of the smaller pieces of stone here are fantastic, and will inspire you to do some small-scale work. Some of the best is amber colored, creamy, buttery and so fine-grained, it’s AMAZING. The larger pieces of soapstone I’ve seen people work with abroad have generally been very crude in quality, by comparison.

I also have a few pieces carved by others which put my own carvings to shame. I’d post a few pics but my camera’s charging at the moment.

Yeah, I’ll still be here (Taibei) when you get here. I’ve put down roots. Look me up when you get here.

WOW! I am very impressed, DB!