Stop Sound Escaping from Apartment

I’d love suggestions please. I like to listen to music but I don’t want to bother my neighbours, nor do I really want them hearing the sound tracks to certain videos…
I think a bunch of noise escapes under/past the entrance door. Any good solutions for that? If I play music near the door will that drown out noise coming from further inside?

Get some good Wireless Headphones


Thanks for the suggestion but not an option because ears complain worse than neighbours…

I don’t suppose you want to splat these all over the walls, ceiling, unless you have your own little private listening room. A thick rug on floor won’t hurt. Any kind of sound deadening furniture will help like a big thick office chair and things like that


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I have this rubber flap stuck onto the base of my front door which my landlord installed prior to my moving in. He said it is there to stop sound from escaping through the bottom of the door.

I wasn’t here before he installed it, though, so I can’t tell you how well it works.

Most of my sound, however, escapes through the concrete walls that separate each apartment. Concrete is not a good sound insulator unless it’s two feet thick.

Lift speakers above floor. Put speaker platform on top of carpet or soft sound dampening material


Start an oriental rug collection. Some of them hang well, Persian silk for example. Cotton kilims are also better on the wall, but I have too many carpets and not enough empty wall so my kilims are on the floor. In addition to tying the room together, they can double as furniture!

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Shopee and other online shopping platforms sell these double-sided foam inserts (not the right word but…) you slide under the bottom of the door and then trim to fit your door width. I’ve not tried them but they look effective.

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We use these to help keep AC in and mosquitos out of bedrooms. I don’t think they’d work on a typical heavy front door though.

Bookshelves and books. Plants on your outside window boxes. Carpets and rugs on the floors. And cupboards with clothes on them. I can barely hear my stereo outside my room.

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I’ve got about 30 of those that I don’t use, now I’ll have use for about 5 of them :grinning:
Mine are very think , so I doubt they can go on walls , but for a speaker yes.