Store that will custom cut audio cables

I have an audio cable that is 3m long. I need to cut it down to 30/40cms and add a 3.5mm plug. I don’t have a solder kit, so I’m looking for a store that can do this kind of thing for me.
Any suggestion in Taipei/Yilan/The North in general?

Yeah. 葰茂公司, second basement of Guanghua Electronics Plaza. They’re friends of mine. By the escalator.




That looks like cable-kingdom, nice! Since you’re familiar with them, should I contact them first or can I just walk in and explain them what I have to do? The modification is fairly simple, I have a painfully long audio cable attached to a pair of headphones; I want to make it shorter and add a 3.5mm at the end of it.

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Just walk in. He’ll (extremely likely) take care of you in minutes. Say 馬可 sent you.

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Will this lead to the guy screaming:“He owes me 36 gorillion dollars!!!” and me being found in a ditch with a missing kidney?


Lmao. No. He doesn’t charge much for simple works like this.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try to go there this week when I go to Skydragon city.


3½mm jacks can be purchased at the orange-coloured Syang Chang across the mall. Same storey.

Make sure you pick the right one. They have TS, TRS and TRRS jacks.

I’d probably try Marco’s place first, but there’s also another electronics store just around the corner that sells a variety of audio jacks etc., as well as cheap soldering irons and stuff if you want to do it yourself.

Jin Hua Electronic Co.,Ltd.
No. 2號, Lane 12, Section 1, Xinsheng South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100

I’ll keep the suggestion in mind, but I’ve never soldered anything and it’s a not inexpensive pair of headphones, so i’d rather pay someone to do it. Since I have a lot of cheap cables at home, I may also buy a soldering kit and practice a bit so that in the future I need to do something similar I could go the DIY way.

There’s one upstairs in the Guanghua mall as well, I think 3rd or 4th floor in hallway to right of big elevators. Smallish stand, you’ll recognize it by all the wires. Just in case the soldering irons come out when you mention Marco.


Fair enough, makes sense. It’s pretty easy once you’ve had a little practice though, as long as you remember to use the hot end, and there are videos on YouTube.