Strait Talk Symposium 2012 at Brown University!

Hi everyone,

I’m posting this in order to encourage people to apply to be part of the Taiwanese delegation for the Strait Talk Symposium being held this year at Brown University.

Strait Talk brings together 15 students or young professionals (ages 18-30) from Taiwan, China, and the United States to talk about Taiwan-China issues and not only create a peaceful dialog, but to form a consensus. It’s an amazing opportunity to come to talk more about Taiwan-China issues and what it means to be Taiwanese. It’s also an awesome resume builder and networking community with alumni of past symposiums now reaching into the hundreds. In case anyone is interested in applying, or knows of interested people, please let them know and encourage them to apply! They can check out the website:

If you can pass this on to people who might be interested in applying as part of our Taiwanese delegation that would be amazing!

Thanks a lot,

Strait Talk Taiwan Delegation Steering Committee

Hey kids, it’s Quisling Camp! “Peace in our time!”

PS If any of you ever get raped, I hope the trial is held in a spirit of dialogue and consensus. (Not to mention networking and resume-building opportunities.)