Stranded with only 3 Album covers

Here’s the catch: You have to have seen the band and, at some time in your life, owned the album/cd.

[color=green]And in the most coveted category, an album I had, but never actually saw the band. Most regretful.[/color]

Grateful Dead
Live Dead

Tom Petty
Southern Accents


Seen them all, had them all.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to invent an anal bum cover. Failure to do so is one of my greatest regrets. – Sean Connery

That Kink Crimson one is a classic. I never did see them though.



That Kink Crimson one is a classic. I never did see them though.[/quote]

Saw them in Club Montreal, early ninties Maybe 800 people at the gig. Drinking Brador served ice cold by very warm French Canadian gals. Smoking hash at our table. Yeah, great memory. Fripp, Belew, Levin and Bruford. Very cool show. Elephant Talk was the finale. Gotta give it Best in Show.

Oh, and I am sure you meant to say King…even though I also saw The Kinks, long before the Crimson show.

JD< post the art work man. This thead is goin’ Viz-u-all!

I’m sure he’s got better albums (CDs). That’s the only one I have.

King yes. Kink no.

I think the Jethro Tull Passion Play concert is my favorite.

Can we have the records as well, or only take the covers? I’d want ones with porn on the cover.

smell the glove,

I loved Husker Du, esp. Zen Arcade, New Day Rising.

Never saw 'em live, though. :frowning:

Patti Smith, Radio Ethiopia. This image really influenced me as a teenager. I wanted to look JUST like this photo. Could never manage the skinniness, though.

Julian Cope, Fried. The one with the turtle shell. A visionary or a nutter on acid? (Ditto ‘trout mask replica’)

Frank Zappa, Zoot Allures, for looking filthy dirty sexy in flares…

Cant get my computer to cut and paste pictures. For some reason. Stupidity?

Oop, I never saw Frank Zappa live.

I saw Suzanne Vega in Burlington Vermont when I was in college. had to leave early to catch the last ferry across Lake Champlain. She was stunning and had possibly the best signing voice I’ve ever heard.

This might be a good time to remind you all of

rock on! :smiling_imp:

You must be new here.
You should know we don’t want no pandas on this here island.

You can’t make a boat from 3 album covers, you could barely make a paddle.