Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad


As I have said, people move around and have mixed descendants.
There’s no way you can distinguish between ethnic Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans simply based on looks.
Who is Chinese, who is Japanese, and who is Korean. No googling. Just use your eyes. How can you tell?


I would say 2 out of 3 have them have a bit mixed look to be honest.


i think you are right there, but you can definetly usually tell based on body language, style etc


I can guess the Koreans somewhat from looks.


You can definitely do it with a high level of accuracy, add that with being able to listen to them speak, dress and behave. I would say I can tell over 90% of times easily.


Of course I have to. That’s what I’ve been dealing with for so long.
By the same token, did you tell the Indian Sikhs to deal with the reality that Westerners hate terrorists and they look like terrorists?


Depends. Some places love the Chinese as their money single handily is keeping the place from going broke. They might not really like it, but I’ve seen some places in Europe treat Chinese tourist really well and other tourists like crap. In my time in Nicaragua, many women and and their families were really happy to see a “chino” and were far more interested in me than my friends who were not Asian. For them, Asians, or “chinos” Chinese are opening factories and stuff there and are all rich in their eyes. It’s one of the few times I’ve experienced where I walked into a bar and women just approached me without even trying to. And none of my American or European friends had that experience with me.

Maybe @Mr.Lin would consider moving to Nicaragua if you like South American women. Idk if they’re considered western women? But you will be called a chino. But I guess that’s like a good thing there? But I just call them Mexicans right back as a joke when they keep calling me chino when I explained to them I’m not from china.


Are they generally tall or short?
For example, I prefer Western European women to Eastern European women because Eastern European women generally are too short and small for me. The most recent lady I met, who seemed to be attracted to me, was a very short and small Eastern European lady.
I want a woman who is at least as tall as I am. The taller, the better. :kissing_closed_eyes:


I’m not taking about Westerners I’m talking about Japanese who can’t stand all the Chinese tourists everywhere .


I’ve lost countless sleep over issues like this.
I start thinking maybe I should wear Muslim headdress to cover most of my face when I’m in the West.
It’s funny that being Chinese in the West is worse than being terrorists in the West.


I’d like to say that the rank inanity of your posts was missed.
I’d like to say that.

Unfortunately, I can’t.




what do you mean?


Hmm, I would say average? It’s hard for me to tell. I’m 190cm so almost everyone’s short to me.


People in the West usually keep their mouth fully shut about terrorist-look-alike, at least when they’re around.
But they dare make lots of nasty comments about Chinese-look-alike, even when I’m around them, they know I’m around them, but still feel absolutely comfortable to discuss how Chinese migrants (and Indian migrants) invade the West (in English, so I’m sure I understand every word they said).

That’s why I said being Chinese is worse than being terrorists.

Of course this is a joke.


what is terrorist-look-alike? Having weapons?


For Westerners, it means any traits that make a person look like a member of ISIS.
And this is not my personal opinion. I just stated what I saw and heard.


I’m 170 cm, so it’s easy for me to find ladies taller than I. In Taiwan, maybe 20 out of 100 ladies are taller than 170 cm. In the West, up to 40 out of 100.

May I ask how tall your dating partners generally are?


honestly I don’t really put that much in consideration in height unless they are really short or like a giant. I’ve met maybe a couple girls taller than me so usually their height has never been an issue. I guess to be it’s usually if they’re attractive or not to me. I’m just used to being taller than girls I met so I don’t really think like wow she’s tall. My current gf is 164, previous 2 girls I was hanging out with was 180 modeling here from Lithuania, another a Taiwanese girl about 165.

I would maybe stop stressing about things you can not control. I’ve had friends who were good looking enough where girls used to jump on them since middle school even though they’re dumb as a rock. They do still get the occasional good looking girl but not really ones worth keeping and less and less women are into that. And I’ve had friends who were the traditional virgin looking dudes that are with extremely beautiful girls because they actually worked on themselves and became interesting.


Japanese saying they don’t like Chinese is more like British saying they don’t like Irish.
It’s not the same when Westerners say they don’t like Chinese.