Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad


Whatever man if it doesn’t suit your narrative…


Sheesh, and to recap: the time he heard westerners saying they dont like Chinese it was in Polish, a language that Mr Lin doesnt even speak.


I happened to see the trailer of Jackie Chan’s latest movie: The Foreigner.
It will be released soon.
For some reasons, I want to watch it; Meanwhile, for some reasons, I don’t want to watch it.

It’s adapted from a novel called The Chinaman.

So, the character was a Vietnamese soldier who opened a Chinese takeaway restaurant in London. All right, let’s just see the title as a neutral and casual way to call someone who opens a Chinese takeaway restaurant.

The man’s daughter was killed in a bombing set in London by the Irish terrorists. And he was so angry that he took his revenge on his own.
So, the British need a British National from Asia to do this kind of job for them?
The author decided to choose one of the minorities to represent the British who fights the Irish terrorists?
It’s like the author wanted to avoid some kind of political controversies by using a minority to do the dirty job.

I don’t know if I should go and watch the movie.
I think I need to sit next to the aisle so that I can leave whenever I want, in case I got irritated during the movie.


personally i wouldn’t bother with any recent jackie chan movies(his early ones are great tho) the guy is rubbish. and on top of that a poor excuse for a human


Do you mean his making excuse for having affairs?
“I just made a mistake every man would make…” Yeah, that’s rubbish. Haha.


thats one. another is the way he doesn’t take responsibility for his daughter. another is his asskissing to the ccp. piece of shit all round that guy.


According to Wikipedia, 林 is a surname in Japan, Korea and Vietnam.


Mr. Hayashi



I have a temporary place to stay in Manchester, the U.K.
And it’s easy to take quick flights to Mainland Europe for holidays.
So, basically I can say I live in the U.K. and Europe for now.

It all happened within one week.

In a hotel restaurant in London, someone suddenly said “你好(Hello)” to me.
After so many incidents I’ve gone through (including being greeted in Mandarin by almost everyone I met in the tourism industry), once I heard it, I was about to explode with anger.
I turned my head to the voice, and it turned out to be a little East-Asian-looking boy.
It’s a bit surprised, because it’s usually non-East-Asians that do such a thing to me.
He said “你好(Hello)” to me again.
And from his accent, he might well be Taiwanese or from the Southern part of China.
I nodded, replied “你好” back, and kept on going.
That’s the end of it.

I flied to Germany for a short holiday. In a club with restaurant settings, two East-Asian-looking guy were chatting with each other in English. From their accent, they kind of had North American accent, but not so typical and strong, so not really sure about it. I sat next to them, and I heard one of them said “He looks Chinese.”

So…even East Asians think I look Chinese (ethnically).
Do I look Chinese?
Why not Japanese, Korean, Filipino, or Vietnamese?
How can they tell?
All right, maybe I don’t really look like Korean, Filipino, or Vietnamese. But what about Japanese?
As I have said, even I can’t tell whether a person is ethnically Chinese or Japanese when I’m around the Japanese neighborhood in Taipei.
But the little East-Asian-looking kid greeted me in Mandarin and one of the East-Asian-looking guys told his friend “He looks Chinese” by simply looking at me for less than 5 seconds to make this assumption.

Even I couldn’t tell if a person is Japanese or Chinese. So, how could they be so sure about it?
I’m not joking.
Sometimes I look into the mirror, and I have a hard time telling what ethnicity this guy is.
Don’t laugh. It’s true.


Are you asking us if you look chinese? I don’t get what you’re asking.


I don’t see the picture.


I’m not sure if you look Chinese, but I bet I could tell by your accent.


Really? It’s usually pretty easy. And plus Chinese mainlanders hate the Japanese. Go live in China and you’ll see like every movie and tv show portraying Japanese badly. Mostly though historical movies and shows that have some anti Japanese sentiment. The Japanese aren’t fans of the Chinese either. So much so my friend who’s a diplomate of Korea in china for a while has said both countries often use Korea as the mediator for Japan and China to get things done diplomatically.


When I went to Qingdao for work I took a taxi from airport to middle of nowhere. The taxi driver was a lovely guy who narrated all his adventures with Japanese tourists and proudly told me that when he loads people who turn out to be Japanese he tells them to get off his taxi and go back to their country. Lovely chap!

Back to topic: dude looks Chinese -> people in Europe tell him Ni Hao -> gets triggered.

What a time to be alive.


Every person IN THE WORLD tells me:“Hello/hi” when they see me, English is not my mother language, I don’t get triggered by it. Seek medical attention.


gets triggered by a little boy being friendly. Wow.


I love Mr.Lin’s Wild Adventures blog! Please post more!

I didn’t know you were famous outside Forumosa too!

Yeah that’s totally reasonable reaction. By the way, as you say you live in the Europe now. So which language do you use when visiting non-English speaking countries like Germoney or Italy? Is it English? Isn’t it racist to assume that every white dude will talk English only because he’s white?


I think all of you have got a point.
But, once again, how can they tell?
Even I, myself, sometimes can’t tell the ethnicity of the guy shown in the mirror, how can they do something even I can’t do?


I guess to actually fully answer your question, we need to see a picture of you?

I mean if you got a panda cigarette pack, chairman mao t shirt, LV fanny pack, and is squatting in the middle of the street shitting while spitting…maybe you look do look chinese.

Yuli Gurriel makes slanty eyes gesture at Yu Darvish in World Series

That’s clearly not the case.

I bet Italians saw you as Chinese when you visited Italy with your girlfriend.
And I also bet that even after you had explained you’re not from China, but from Taiwan or Korea (you said you told them you’re Korean in another previous post), they still referred to you as the Chinese guy.

Haven’t you realized the double standard yet?
Westerners can get offended when you mistake Spain for Italy, Ireland for the U.K., Canada for the U.S., etc, but you Asians are Chinese. Japanese, Koreans, etc, whatever, you’re all Chinese.


How many times do I have to tell you?
English has another identity as the current world’s Lingua franca.
It’s not a language simply related to English-speaking countries.

All right, if 1%, just 1% of the people in Western countries speak conversational Mandarin, just the conversations to get by life, not to study or to work, I will stop feeling unhappy about random non-Asian people keep greeting me in 你好 for no reason.