Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad


Seriously, dude…



Dude’s in serious need of an attitood adjustment.


I see but why only westerners?

Anyway if I knew the person and curious will asked - but 100% will not asked where he/she came from as not important to know.

Move on.


This is literally an everyday occurrence for any non east Asian looking person in Taiwan. The further you get away from the city, the more intense it gets.
Be thankful there weren’t parents telling their children they can go stand next to your table to get a better look, or touch the hair on your arm.
When someone does decide to inquire about your ethnicity, it’s usually by some elderly fellow who speaks at three time a normal volume.


“(insert any western country)”

nods head silence


I think Mr. Lin’s reaction to curiosity about his ethnicity (which we Westerners in Taiwan get, of course, every day), says more about himself than it does about the people that are curious about him. Curiosity does not equal racism, and if you can’t handle these kinds of “microagressions,” it may be better just to stay home.


Most Taiwanese insult me by saying I’m American! You can here it all the time, look, look American! (in Mandarin). Why they just don’t ask? :thinking::wink:


There you have it, London, does ‘Brexit’ tells you something?


why don’t you carry a go pro around with you, make some vlogs. put this stuff on youtube. it will be entertaining. thats my suggestion anyway. because reading your ‘story’s’ in this form is far from it!


Two waiters in a hotel restaurant in London, a city so multicultural fewer than half of its population are white British, discuss a guest’s ethnicity within his earshot? They wouldn’t do it anyway because there would be nothing of interest in an East Asian male being in the restaurant, as a fifth of Londoners are Asian as are a large proportion of tourists and business travelers, and they wouldn’t risk it because one complaint from you to front desk and they are in serious trouble. Nobody in London assumes that because someone isn’t white they don’t speak or understand English.

Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. This is beyond improbable.

EDIT: The odds are also stacked against the waiters being white British in a London hotel restaurant - just in case you had already assumed their ethnicity and nationality. We wouldn’t want that now, would we.


I lived in eastern Europe when Americans were still kind of a novelty. There the people tend to stare at others and think nothing of it, where I would think it is rude and look away when they caught me staring at them.

A colleague of mine got so bent out of shape one day - she was convinced people were talking (badly) about her while staring starting straight at her. I think they were just bantering back and forth while just gazing curiously her way.

I believe there is a bit of an unavoidable self-conscious, lowered self-esteem effect one feels when in a foreign setting.

I do not know OP’s situation at all, but this is what I thought of. Probably because I am here in Taipei now - getting ready to move here and I feel like a fish out of water!


One more thing - at this phase of my “cultural adjustment” I am too self conscious to ask a stranger anything face to face.
Thank god for this forum! :smile:


Well, not every white person is a westerner. They were probably polish girls, ready to give a shoot with asian dude. Trying to get your attention, and you being such a geek, instead wondering what colour their panties are, you made damn race politics of it.
Next time grab their numbers. Polish girls are fun, explore london with em.



Haha but seriously OP’s thing is to talk about how everyone in London is secretly racist and conspiring against him. This includes supermarket chains, busy waiters, and half of forumosa.


So, once again, people don’t believe me. Last time, I said I encountered a shoplifter in a Tesco Express. People don’t believe me, either.

I cannot agree more that these little incidents were just so unexpected and unreal.
But they did happen to me. They just did.

So, please don’t say things like I’m making up stories.
Again, if I want to make up stories to get myself famous or get myself invited to an interview on BBC, I will definitely make up stories a lot more serious and severe than bumping into a shoplifter in a Tesco Express or having people staring at me discussing my ethnicity.

I didn’t assume or say they’re White British.
But as you have mentioned, there are higher chances of bumping into other European migrants than British locals in big cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, etc.
Who knows why they are so unprofessional?
That’s a question you should ask them or their manager, not me. I also want to know why they haven’t been fired yet.
British or not, I think it’s more about their past experiences and backgrounds.
If they are from the small towns or countrysides where there are hardly any non-White-European-looking residents nearby, then it’s inevitable that they don’t have that kind of multicultural mindset built inside them.


Rude people ! But I guess that’s what honkeys gets in Taiwan and it must annoy the shit out of them at times.


I think it all depends on perspective.
I don’t mind if people wonder about my ethnicity (i look asian), in fact i think it is a great conversation starter.
I was at a library and the staff were amazed to see a Chinese speaking foreigner and asked me a whole lot of questions. Great way for me to practice Chinese !
When i was in Canada, people would ask me where i am from:
"Canada " I would answer .
They would inevitably say "but where are you REALLY from?“
Some Asians complain about this 'ignorance or racism” but i think people are just curious.
My husband, on the other hand gets really offended when people ask about his background. He in fact tried to forget Chinese by speaking only English for several years. He doesn’t think our kids need to learn Chinese so i was the only one speaking Chinese to them (until now. They are in chinese school).


I think I know what’s happening here.
Obviously, the EU branch of the White People Only Club sent out buddy’s picture and description in a White People Only Club Priority Fax (Fax? Seriously? IKR, White People, right?) with instructions to, when spotting him:


You know, like they do…


All I know is that being considered Chinese is worse than being considered terrorists.
No one messes around with terrorists, while everyone messes around with Chinese.


You what now? China (which AFAIK is run mostly by Chinese people) says ‘jump’, and the rest of the planet says ‘how high?’

English people, broadly speaking, like Chinese people. They are the sole source of egg foo yung on Saturday nights at closing time.