Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad



Are you sure most Forumosans aren’t saying “Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you, Mr.Lin, so please don’t go” deep inside their hearts? How can you tell?




Save your breath.
I got a pack of smokes says his NT$5 5’3" ass is posting from friggin Sanchong or Banciao.


I have an intuition that you mocked and made fun of the Chinese-Canadian kid in your neighborhood when you’re a kid like many others.


I may be glad to take you on that bet, just because if you won it would be an absolutely amazing turn of events and I wouldn’t feel salty at all about the loss!


I thought those who opened Chinese restaurants in the U.K. were British Nationals from Hong Kong. Weren’t they?

The “Chinese” is not the same as the “Chinese”, although technically they’re all “Chinese”.


Three words : […] {deleted by mod; no personal attacks please}


If you speak Cantonese, 50% off.
If you speak Taiwanese or Mandarin, 25% off.
If you speak English, 150% more.

Chinatown rule.


mr lin, what are you blathering on about?

the people who care about eyes, eye size, eye shape, single eye lid, double eyelid and triple eyelid are…asian people.

your posts are getting more and more out there…


Just heading towards racism I’m afraid…


“heading towards” ? this thread would make many people on 4chan/pol/ proud, we’re way past the:“This sounds a bit racist” stage.


Travelling to EU - I notice that people are all beautiful and taller and i’m the dwarf :grin:


So, people treating you in various forms of unprofessional, strange, patronizing, and condescending ways also count microaggression?

How come it’s still micro? not macro?


I’m so worried that one day I will lose my temper in one of the Western countries like this guy did. This guy seemed to have lived in Taiwan for a while, and he spoke Mandarin, so he probably understood every nasty comment people said behind his back. So, I could imagine why he lost his temper.

I should have shouted at the two North American men who discussed how Chinese and Indians invaded Western countries once they saw me in a freaking Burger King in Germany, "Shut the fcuk up, you North American cnuts! I speak your language with your accent, and I understand every word you’re saying!"
I should have also shouted at all the other people in Western countries who started making nasty comments about Chinese and China once they saw me (when I did nothing wrong or strange), "Fcuk you all"


Yes, you should have. And make sure to record a video!


No need to do that, because I will probably be on the International news like that guy.


That would show everyone how righteous you are and how racist every westerner is!


You’re on, bud. :+1: