Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad


I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that you’re good friends with those Western people whom I mentioned above.


Actually, I’ll take side odds on the poster not even being ethnic Chinese.


what is wrong with them, why people should not discuss on Chinese and Indians when there is someone looking alike Chinese or Indian around them?

People in Taiwan should not discuss on illegally working English teachers when there is someone looking alike an English teacher around them?


You reckon he may be like one of those white guys who find out they had a great grand mother who was black, so they start to make their hair look a bit curly and eventually have a rasta, then they talk and act as if they were straight of the ghetto while complaining about being oppressed by the white patriarchy, until eventually real black people beat them up and they make up a story on how they were attacked by some KKK Nazis?

I think we’re onto something…


So @Mr.Lin did you decide if you’re leaving this forum or not?


I sure hope not, witnessing his slow descent into the abyss is amazing.

And it’s not really slow at all.


No, I figure the poster is a bored English teacher from Minneapolis/St Paul sitting in his dumpy apartment across from the HSR station.


Wait, wasn’t there a guy who joined the forum asking for tips about moving to Taiwan with his Taiwanese girlfriend after leaving his wife in…Japan? and then he broke up with the Taiwanese girl within 24h after arriving in Taipei and spent months writing posts filled with resentment towards anyone in this community who still enjoys life?

Maybe a long lost twin?


This thread is going nowhere and is not related to International Travel any longer. Unless the next posts are about traveling, I’ll shut the thread down for good.


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Microaggression, cross-cultural miscommunication, and racism is a part of my experience when traveling Internationally, so I don’t see why it’s not related to International Travel.


When the focus of the discussion shifts to Mr. Lin, it’s not about international travel any longer, isn’t?


Exactly, lets keep this discussion focused on uncle travelling matt! less of the Mr Lin stuff.


Good thing i read the entire thread (whew!) Before it gets shut down. It was entertaining. Also reminds me i need to get a new hobby


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Do you mean that I can’t post any more posts about my experiences in the U.K. or Europe?


you can post all you want mr lin. you are protected. unlike others who get their posts deleted after stating simple facts…


PM me your so-called simple fact.
I didn’t see it.


Posting about your travel experiences is fine. No problems with that.


If you refer to your previous post, pls read the forum rules about personal attacks.