Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad


Most people who are sensitive and considerate won’t do it when the person is still around, because it may cause misunderstandings.

If you see a lady who is out of shape, and then you start discussing the obese problem in our society with your friends, and you let the lady hear it, then maybe you are a bad bad bad person.


as you can see mr lin, you are free to keep making up stories all you wan’t nobody is allowed to call you out for it. carry on.


Last time, I said I encountered a shoplifter in a Tesco Express, and you didn’t believe me, either.

I cannot agree more that these little incidents were just so unexpected and unreal.
But they did happen to me. They just did.

So, please don’t say things like I’m making up stories.
Again, if I want to make up stories to get myself famous or get myself invited to an interview on BBC, I will definitely make up stories a lot more serious and severe than bumping into a shoplifter in a Tesco Express or having people staring at me discussing my ethnicity.


Can we discuss other fantasy writers without it being seen as 'personal attacks '.

There’s taking the Mick and thens theres encouraging it for a few cheap hits. This ain’t real content though.


There used to be a time when the Travel forum was about sharing useful information about travel. You know, free of forum drama.

Hope we can get back to that and keep the nastiness to forums such as Politics, Life, etc.


People don’t want to be taken the piss out of too much.

You’ve had lots of feedback from users here who think this guy is trolling for good reason.

He’s just stirring shit.


Yeah, and when I was a kid I rode a pony.:roll:


And there is nothing wrong with that. :horse:


I have a lot of adventurous experiences to share, too.

But those microaggressions and cross-cultural miscommunications just affected me so badly that they ruined my mood.


Please feel free to share your adventurous experiences for a change. You might affect positively the mood of quite a few posters here.

Wouldn’t that be refreshing. :sun_with_face:


Which is exactly why you need to develop a thicker skin. You need to take to heart the wisdom that American kids learn (well, used to learn) in kindergarten: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.


might be an idea to censor the rascist shit stirring so


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Enough is enough. You’re entitled to your own opinions. And I’m for open dialogue and debate. But you aren’t listening and won’t move pass the same point. It’s ruining the forum.


I will try.

But in contrast with what you said, I found that most Chinese/Taiwanese-Americans, especially the ones born and raised in California, live in the wealthy neighborhoods, and got protected too well by their rich parents, hardly face any troubles or microaggressions.
Ironically, I think I face more troubles or microaggressions as an International traveler than they do.


maybe flag if there are racist posts


Seriously guys, I am sold:


Who gives a fuck? Really? Stop going on and on and on and on and on and on and on about this shit. It’s fucking boring.


because it was a pile of bollocks. get a go pro and a youtube account. your troubles with racism will soon be cleared up.


But most people are not so sensitive nor considerate. If they as you and started talking about Korean/Vietnamese/Turkish, it is bad too?

why just “Western” countries?

If looking alike Chinese is the reason of your troubles, any ABCs, CBCs, BBCs, and so on, must face the same troubles when they are in western countries, at least while their international travel.