Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad


So I’m not the only one thing think mr lin doesn’t make sense. Like I understand his words, but he always seem to miss the point of things and say something that leaves you scratching your head. It’s like the words and sentences makes sense but it’s just like what is he saying here?


I was most pained and shocked to see so many young people begging in the streets of Vancouver. Such a beautiful place, so many opportunities in such a big country. I mean, they could be teaching in Taiwan with a relatively good salary just for their pretty faces. But many problems can weigh people down, physical and mental illness, drugs, extreme poverty. No one is safe from a huge fall into homelessness.

In the old country and Taiwan we have tight family structures that for good or bad would carry such a burden. Social institutions and charities. But even so many people fall through the cracks. Life is tough and competitive and many are just lost in the melee.


Well yes. I understand that it’s easier saying chino but after explaining and especially if you’re going to live in taiwan you should call people here Taiwanese in most cases. I was just in Italy and I had no issues explaining to people I’m Taiwanese Korean. They don’t call me Chinese anymore. And chino doesn’t mean Chinese in Italian as my gf explained it. That is correct. But yeah, I would find it offensive to be called Chinese.


Before replying, one should read properly the post in question. I clearly stated that ‘chino’ is Spanish for Chinese, and my original observation was and is ethnically based, not a geopolitical one. Obviously, as in your recent trip to Italy, once you explain your actual origin, people understand and it seems that you didn’t suffer racial discrimination. I am well aware, that China/Taiwan is an extremely sensitive issue, and anyone that goes to Taiwan is certainly aware. So please think of your ethnicity, besides don’t feel offended if someone calls you Chinese…ever thought that officially 'Taiwan 'doesn’t exist as it’s official name is Republic of China NOT Taiwan or easier for you ‘中華民’, so what is there to feel offended by, if you’re called Chinese??


Chinese isn’t a ethnic group. And modern day term for Chinese is a person from the PRC which i am not.


Chinese is not an ethnic group? Don’t be ridiculous!!! Every 5 human beings one is Chinese! China is the oldest civilization in the world, that is what counts and you can be proud of it. Why don’t you read the constitution of your country? Read it properly, it will avoid you from saying the things you said.


Chinese is a nationality…there are over 50 ethnic groups that controlled and ruled over the geographical location known as china today. Maybe you should read up on history before you say something that is just plain wrong and tell others to read about history.

And you’re really simplifying and dumbing down history grouping modern day PRC in with all the dynasties of ancient china lol.


Your explanation is very personal and again I warmly invite you to read more on the subject we are discussing.
The demographical composition of China is yes divided between 56 ethnical groups, where the overwhelming majority are the Han Chinese which make up, between 92% and 96%of the total population. The percentages variate for multiple reasons, but I’m not going to bore you. If you take into consideration the demographics only of the ROC (a.k.a. Taiwan and Formosa) the Han Chinese make up around 98% (including the Hakka Han Chinese which make up the huge majority and the Hoklo Han Chinese, Mainland Chinese which represents 14% of the total. The Han Chinese have been present in Taiwan for centuries and last but not least, there are the Aboriginal Taiwanese that are the indigenous inhabitants of Taiwan. So the term ’ ethnic Chinese’ is referred to the Han Chinese as it excludes the very respectable minorities.
Btw, you spoke of over 50 ethnic groups (56) and this is a classification done by the PRC, but when China was ruled by the Nationalists there were classified, 39 ethnic groups. So, who is grouping modern day PRC, simplifying and dumbing history??


I consider myself ethnic Chinese. My surname says it all, so end of the ethnicity discussion.

You have been hiding from the real issue from the beginning.
You think it’s perfectly fine for Italians to just call all East Asians, including Japanese and Koreans, Chinese.
However, you get freak out when a Chinese/Taiwanese guy mistake Spanish for Italian.
This fact alone has said a lot about who you are and your mindset.
You just lose yourself enormously great resources and information from Chinese/Taiwanese here.
So, have a nice day.


Since when is it ok for some random Italian dude to teach us about what we choose to call ourselves?


He probably thinks he’s a Sinologist or something.


if you are living in taiwan and you still haven’t realized that some, if not most taiwanese don’t like to be referred to as chinese (for whatever reason) then you need to get a clue, and fast.


The discussion on the Chinese ethnicity was not with you, jnfact you consider yourself an ethnic Chinese, the real issue as you call it. it’s an issue that you haven’t grasped yet. Just about everywhere in the world (not just in Italy), with the exception of the Far East and S.E. Asia any person will define; Chinese’ a person from the Far East…the ‘why’ I’m sure you can understand,
Now, where on earth did you get the idea that I freaked out for having mistaken Spanish for Italian?? why would I? Italians and Spanish are very similar I simply pointed out that CHINO is Spanish as in Italian its CINESE. As you can see, it’s quite different.
Hope you understand , I’ll visit soon your country which interests and fascinates me, a country whose people are extremely friendly, and this is definitely a characteristic that differs Taiwan from the mainland.
Take care…and chill out!


so basically your the kind of guy that calls some one Robert after they repeatedly ask they prefer to called rob. Because Robert is a name you should be proud of lol. …

I’ve asked kindly and many will to , not be called Chinese. We prefer to be called Taiwanese by the most part. I don’t understand why you continue to want to justify you coming here to call everyone Chinese. Even in Italy people got it after like 2 second if I explained to them.

Even in China, they will say their nationality is Chinese but will often say they are ethnically Han or any other ethnic groups. And no not all of Europe and Italy calls people from Asia, Chinese, the educated ones knows the difference and the non closed minded ones will listen and understand.


Btw those signs Mr. Forest was concerned about also exist in Canada, in one form or another.


Easy, Geroge. You just replied to somebody different than earlier. I’m thinking you missed that and thought Andrew was Mr. Lin.


"Cause you guys all look the same to him :wink:


I think his point was Mr. Forrest being in the UK, the random strangers who may or may not have said “Chino” would have no way of knowing he was from Taiwan and not China. So, in their own language (which he has no idea of what is being said), they may have referred to him as the “Chinese guy”. Or, they might not even have been talking about him. :2cents:


I know you probably mean what you said literally.
But, I just can’t help but read between the line and laugh.

Yeah, I’ve seen a few good-looking females sitting or even sleeping on the street with their male partners in Europe.
The two were embracing each other, sleeping on a rug, in the middle of a street near a station.
It’s such a bizarre scene to watch, and it made all single bachelors feel so bad.


As I have said a million times, they just simply think every East-Asian-looking people (and even sometimes South-East-Asian-looking people) are “Chinese” from “China”.
Maybe in their own language, maybe in English, or any other way to express the same meaning.

Unlike North Americans at least use the broader and more appropriate term “Asians” from “Asia”, Europeans don’t even know that the name of the continent is Asia or the fact that there are more than 5 different independent states in East Asia alone.
It’s most likely to be the result of their education, because they don’t seem to teach geography or history about Asia in their educational system.