Strange Call at Work

The weirdest thing ever happened to me this morning at work. When I come in, one of the CTs asks me if i am married. I was like no, you know i have a gf… She said some woman called the school in the morning asking if i was married. the ct who picked up the phone said i dont know, then asked who it was, and the woman said it was a parent, the ct asks which class, and the woman says never mind, i have his[my] phone number, i’ll call him later, and hangs up.

So basically there is some woman out there who knows my name (first name at least), knows where i work, allegedly has my phone number, but doesn’t know if i’m married. This just doesn’t add up. Also if this really is a parent, there is almost no way for them to have my phone number anyway.

Given that i haven’t had any one night stands, and i wouldn’t be stupid enough to tell someone where i worked anyway, that leaves two options in my mind: labor bureau/immigration/government or a parent who is into me.

I’m not so worried if it’s just a weird, inconsiderate parent who did this, but has anyone ever heard of the labor bureau doing a similar thing to ‘check up’ on a teacher or whatever?

Any ideas or advice appreciated!

have sex with her, don’t tell your GF.

glad I could help

That is odd. I’d suspect a gov’t check up. If you’re not doing any illegal work, you ought to be fine. If you are, and can, I’d suggest changing your routine/location of private class.

Yea, my work is on the up-and-up, so i’m not really worried about getting in trouble, but it’s just a bit disconcerting to have this happen in the first place, and also the idea that i may have to deal with some government agency for no reason at all isn’t so nice.

You gotta ask yourself who’s most likely to know your name and place of work. Parent, stalker, gov’t?
Although, if it was the immigration or the illegal work-catching dudes, you would think they’d also know if you’re married or not.

The gov’t wouldn’t be asking if you were married, they’d be interested solely in whether you are working at a location that is not specified on your work permit and ARC. I think it might be a single parent who’s into you, or someone who is hoping to set you up with a single female friend or relative.

When in doubt, I blame gangsters. Or at least I’m willing to believe they could come up with an angle on almost anything here.

ETA: Seriously, somebody may be “casing” you in some way or another. Perhaps interested in whether your apartment is empty during the day? Or it was the case that you were married, you might get a call from a hysterical woman claiming to be your wife, begging you to transfer money into such-and-such account right away.

Thanks for your comments everyone. It seems a pretty divided issue about it being the CLA or not. On the one hand, I tend to agree that they have no reason whatsoever to do something like this, but on the other hand, its the freaking CLA we’re talking about. God only knows what goes through their bureaucratic little heads…

No one has called, as expected. I’ll post here if there are any interesting updates.

It is more likely that your gf was trying to check up on you status.

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Someone called up at my office and wanted to buy something. We were shocked.

They just wanted to hear your husky voice.

Especially as you work for an undertaker

Especially as you work for an undertaker[/quote]
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