Strange Censorship

Yes, I am one of the lucky ones that still gets StarWorld. All the Everybody Loves Raymond I can handle. However, I noticed a strange edit the other night watching NYPD Blue…the story line was about an unwanted 2nd daughter of an immigrant Chinese family in NYC. The girl ends up dead and in the course of the “investigation”, they discover the awful reality behind China’s “2 Parents, 1 Child” policy. The strangeness lay in the deleting of the word “China” everytime the country was referred to…is the mainland able to censor StarWorld? …methinks Taiwanese censors would allow negative references to Big Brother over there…

Thought this worthy of mention…whether it deserves its own thread, not so sure…mods, feel free to merge this somewhere…

Star wants to broadcast to China and doesn’t want to offend them… They already stopped broadcasting BBC World at China’s request.

When I was living in China, the Star stations abruptly disappeared entirely because Beijing was unhappy with some news reports. Damn right Beijing has some pull over Star, whether it’s directly ordered or not.

But what about freedom of speech?

My favorite post of the week :laughing:


What did they replace it with (if anything)?

What did they replace it with (if anything)?[/quote]

Western Bourgoise (sp? and cross post to whay I hate the french) Pigs.

I thought they would use something that sounds close to China, like Chile or Regina.

Surely you did not take me seriously? I’m one of the unlucky ones.

Actually, I’m getting sick of this 2 parents, 1 child bullshit. It’s, like, totally discriminatory. Why don’t they make it 1 parent, 2 children for a while?

What did they replace it with (if anything)?[/quote]

Dead air. Blatant non-blip. Nothingness.

They do the same things with CNN broadcasts or reports from Hong Knog. The air just goes black for five minutes, or even longer. I wonder how long it takes people in the PRC to find out what’s really going on, or do they even care? As long as they’re getting richer…