Strange evening

Last night I ran into an old friend I havn’t seen in a while.
I saw him sitting at an outdoor restaurant with his 87 year old father, 2 sons and a woman about 25 years old.
The woman was very happy, talkative to everyone, and tending to the kids and the father, who has alzhiemers.
I asked my friend who she was ,as, from her happy behaviour she seemed to be a relative. She also had her place set at the table with a 450 n.t. set meal so I was sure she must be friend or family.
Turns out she was an Indonesian caretaker hired to mainly take care of the father. :astonished:
My friend said people always give him shit for treating her like family and tell him if he’s too nice to her she’ll get lazy and maybe even run away later. :loco:

I think your friend is a prince!

I agree!

Those “people” telling your friend this are jealous gossiping blackbirds who are best ignored.
Be happy for your Father and his caretaker.

He really is. I remember about 10 years ago his wife (who had 2 daughters from a previous marriage) was pregnant with his child and died in the hospital. The father of the daughters and his family, who seldom saw them, were all over the place trying to get the mother’s property and bank accounts accesss…even though the daughters wanted nothing to do with them and considered my friend to be their father.
My friend-Jin- somehow arranged to have the house and bank accounts transferred to the girls names with conditions that prevented access until they were 18 years old and put a stop to that BS :bravo:
He also managed to have custedy of the daughters which the mother apparently requested in a will as she knew her pregnancy was risky.

He eventually married again and had 2 boys from this wife. Occasionaly there were problems with the current wife concerning the “daughters”, but Jin always stuck by those girls.
One will marry soon and the other is studying in Tai-Da.

What a great guy. Be thankful that you know him.

Warming tale, but awful it is unusual.


What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing that.

My faith just got restored. :bravo:

He certainly is a class act.

Good man.

In my experience about 20% of the people you meet in life will do the right thing, the unselfish thing, regardless of the consequences and without thought of reward. When you meet a twenty percenter, count yourself lucky to be able to witness mankind at its best.

Sounds like this fellow is a prince among the twenty percenters.

Was your friend Taiwanese or a waiguoren?

He’s Taiwanese. I know quite a few Taiwanese families with foreign care-takers maids etc…and it’s quite unusual to see them treated as family. Most of the time they aren’t even allowed to eat together at the same table.
I guess that will also make them become lazy :unamused:
Having said that, I did know a foreign family with a Philippina house-keeper once and their attitude towards her was similar to most local people here.

I can’t imagine bringing in someone from outside to watch over my son and not treating them like family.

Go tell your friend he’s got a fan club. But really he shouldn’t have one; he’s not actually doing anything all that abnormal. He’s just doing it in Taiwan.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Now hopefully he’s setting an example for his other friends.

He sounds like a really, really great guy.