Strange Lubricants at B+Q

Wandering around B+Q today and noticed the following:-

OE/HDO-30 Lubricating oil, Internal Combustion Engine. Combat/Tactical Service MIL-PRF-2104E
Presumably thats a straight 30 weight oil. This was in the (rather shrunk) section that displays welding sundries and such, and I’d guess generators might spec a straight 30 oil.

I quite favor straight oils here, especially in a motorcycle, but have only used 40W (which might be a little high) because thats all I’ve found readily available. It wasn’t expensive at 400NT a gallon, though it was only one of those little toy American gallons, so not as cheap as I at first thought.

Its not unusual in the UK for an oil to give its milspec on the label, but thats ALL this stuff had. Otherwise plain white plastic jerrycan, no brands/logos/pretty colours. Not B+Q’s normal style at all.

Apparently made (or at least sold/packaged) by Chemical Specialist and Developments, Inc, Conroe TX 77305. I wondered if it might be fake, though you’d think B+Q would buy in enough bulk that they’d check supplier bonafides. There were a few typos on the label, but not beyond the usual run of industrial illiteracy. Health and safety stuff was a bit over the top/innapropriate, but that’s not implausible for a US company.

Company website says they are mostly a defence contractor, (which fits) and not much else apart from “mission statements” and similar bullshit.

Think I might get some for the “not summer”.

On the same shelf there were tins of Nyco Grease GN10. Looked it up. Its a general purpose AVIATION grease, made by a French company, and specified for extreme low temperature use (presumably at altitude).

Any ideas as to what its doing on the shelf in B+Q in Taiwan?

Not important, but these little mysteries intrigue me. Stuff like this is why women find me such a fascinating conversationalist.

i’m weary of ANY oil that’s not a major brand in taiwan.

Sure. (assuming you mean wary)

I’ve used Delvac and CPC straight 40W oils (A gallon of Delvac came with my Sierra so I havn’t actually bought it here), and Castrol 20/50, which is usually the cheapest at the supermarkets. I suppose those (even the CPC) are all major brands.

However, IF this stuff is made by a US defence contractor to military specs (I suppose the US DOD could be regarded as a major brand) then it seems like it should be basically OK.

Any of you GI Joes out there heard of the manufacturer?

Curious that it is an ORG URL…


Curious that it is an ORG URL…[/quote]

Hmm… Hadn’t noticed that. Anyone can buy a .org, including commercial companies, but why would they want to?

Could be a commercial US Govt spinoff?

Or they think it sounds less dodgy (in which case they probably are MORE dodgy)?

Dunno :idunno:

seeing as they appear to be a major supplier of lubricants for jet fighters and the like, i guess they’re more likely to be NOT dodgy.

Overall thats what I thought (and said above) if the source is authentic, and I’ve no reason to believe it isn’t. Edit: I was just trying to think of general reasons for a company to choose a .org extension.