Strange mailings (x2)

I recently arrived here a few months back and have had some strange items in the mail.

I received a piece of paper (in Mandarin) a month or so ago, with some hand-written items (also in Mandarin) - nothing to indicate it was anything formal, also a blue table with ratings from A to E and different amounts of what I took to be monetary values (1000, 1200, 1500, 2,100, 3,300).

Dated 95-9-1 and some reference C 791, no other reference, telephone contact or similar.

Didn’t think anything of it until today when I received another mailing, looks like it was printed from an e-mail ( ip ref), with the same ref C … 791 and a repeat of the 2006-09-01 date. Again no apparent contact details.

Not too concerned since it doesn’t look too official but am curious if anyone else has had anything similar ?

(Ordinarily wouldn’t be concerned but use of exclamation marks is a bit freaky).

Thanks for any info or light you might shed on this.

No idea what this mail is but the IP address is probably an internal one (intranet), can’t ping nor resolve it.

Show it to someone that can read Chinese.

if you’ve only been here a few months, it’s probably just mail intended for the previous residents of your apartment/house…

but if you take a photo of it and post it here someone will be able to tell you what it is in about 3 nanoseconds I’m sure…